The new Peluffo & Partners lamp for Martinelli Luce, for in and outdoor, is inspired by an Egyptian mountain where two cultures meet

The story of Lady Galala, the new modular and customizable lamp by Peluffo & Partners for Martinelli Luce, begins in the East. And, thanks to design, it arrives in contemporary homes, bringing with it the flavor of the great outdoors, of blowing winds and distant atmospheres.

Galala is a small mountain in Egypt, the color of the desert, a point suspended between East and West. A mountain that slides towards the sea and which, in the past, was a hub of trade, a junction between two worlds.

“Lady Galala” says Gianluca Peluffo of Peluffo & Partners “was born during a meeting under a tent in the mountainous desert of Sokhna, Egypt. It was imagined as it was just moved by the wind, in a dream of colors and joy, mounted and hung more or less casually, for an evening of shisha, tea or Turkish coffee ”.

The lamp has three conical diffusers, available in 4 colors inspired by the shades of the sea, sand and sun. While the possibility of choosing 3 dimensions allows you to increase the intensity of its presence in the environment and to play with configurations.

“In the various configurations it acquires an oriental face, a Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean one, and finally that of our house”, explains Peluffo.

A madeleine of light and lightness, in short, that brings special flavors into our interiors. Something we feel we own but is at the same time universal, combining in a single perception the memory of a distant culture with an intimate, domestic dimension. Ideal for in and outdoor.