Lladró talks about Seasons Collection, its new lighting line that evokes the natural beauty of the four seasons

The porcelain company launches a series of contemporary lights conceived to be protagonists of any space, thanks to the original design and the visual impact inspired by Art Deco.

For the creative process, the Lladró team started right here: Art Déco and nature are the sources of inspiration for Seasons, a collection of lamps that combines the imprint of an unmistakable style with the richness of colors and shapes of the different seasons of the year.

Seasons is currently available in three color versions — Sunrise, Autumn and Winter —, different sizes and shapes — circular, rectangular, wall lamp —, and you can also enjoy the customization service.

Soon, the series will be completed with new lines: Spring, Summer and Nightfall.

The new series of Seasons lamps reinforces Lladró's commitment to porcelain as a versatile and natural material and to the development of its exclusive artisanal production process strong>, always on the cutting edge.

Indeed, for more than 60 years, Lladró has been cultivating exceptional porcelain know-how in its factory located in Valencia.

Sculptors and craftsmen delicately elaborate each piece through an artisanal process that combines ancestral techniques and a palette of their unmistakable colors.

Lladró also explores the enormous creative potential of this noble material through collaborations with prestigious contemporary designers and artists.

Seasons: illuminated porcelain that integrates art and innovation

The roaring 20s were the setting for Art Deco, recognizable by its streamlined lines and geometric patterns. A style that, the result of a laborious process of engraving and ornamentation, takes shape in each of the porcelain fragments that make up these lights.

The different seasons, on the other hand, are expressed through a skilful use of color capable of enhancing the different shades of atmosphere of the place where they are located, and according to the time of day or night. The proposals can range from the spring greens of Edinburgh, passing through the blues of the bright summers of Santorini or the gray and bluish tones of the New York winter.

A game of sensations that intensifies thanks to the glitter of the glass elements that alternate with those in porcelain. Thus, Seasons is a versatile and evocative collection that introduces nature into interior spaces.


Sunrise combines fragments of white glazed porcelain inspired by leaves, petals, clouds and flowers with others in Murano glass, all set in a gold plated iron structure.

In this version the white, glass and gold finishes seem to amplify the light, making the Sunrise chandeliers protagonists of any environment.


Fall is a chromatic symphony of purples, greens, grays and shades of gold. The elements that compose it alternate to create a delicate harmony of colors and shapes.

Like all the creations in this collection, the leaves, flowers, petals and pistils that emulate the fragments are worked with the rounded lines of Art Deco.


Shades of blue and gray applied, evocative of the elegance and calm of the coldest and at the same time welcoming period of the year.

In the Seasons Winter version, shades of blue, mauve and burgundy are applied in shades from the most intense to the lightest.

The glass components and the plated metal structure are interspersed with porcelain elements, handcrafted one by one, in spectacular compositions.


For years, Lladró has stood out for its mastery of the use of color on porcelain, the lamps in the Seasons collection can in fact be adapted to specific size and color needs, thanks to a color palette which ranges from classic tones to the most special ones.

They are lamps designed and handmade by Lladró artists in Valencia and can be purchased in Lladró boutiques, in the brand's authorized points of sale and in the www.lladro online store.com