Dresscode by Mirco Crosatto for Stilnovo is a lamp with removable electrified covers: to switch it on, just dress it

Fashion and consumer electronics were the sources of inspiration for designer Mirco Crosatto in designing Dresscode. Cell phone covers in their endless variety stimulated the idea of ​​a lamp that could be personalized in different colors – white, black, light grey, red, verdigris green and daffodil yellow. This is the palette you can use to create multicolor (or monochromatic) versions as you like. From the base to the jointed arm and all the way to the head, Dresscode consists of 12 interchangeable plastic plates that “dress” the aluminum structure. The distinctive feature of these plates is that they house the conductors necessary for their working. Once assembled in complete safety (the circuit, assures the manufacturer, is fully insulated) the plates conduct the electricity and enable the lamp, not the structure, to switch on. When “naked” the lamp remains switched off. Other special features of Dresscode are the visual comfort of a pleasant light, free from glare thanks to OptiLight technology, dimmable at a touch and very versatile due to four different joints (one at the base, two in the arm and one at the head), enabling the light to be rotated and positioned at will on your desk at home or in the office.

At a glance

What is it?
An adjustable table lamp with high-performance LEDs for soft, diffused, glare-free light, for use at home or the office.
What is the design concept?
To create a lamp that can be personalized over time. Its “clothes” are removable electrified covers that clad the aluminum supporting body.
How is it made?
It consists of interchangeable elements, from the head to the articulated arm and the circular cover enclosing the weights at the base of the lamp. A central aluminum skeleton acts as the mannequin for the dress, consisting of 12 detachable plastic pieces. The adjustable head houses the LED source and the polymethylmethacrylate diffuser with OptiLight TechnologyTM, which switches on at a touch. In addition, two types of covers are available for the diffuser, so making the light more diffused or more discreet.
What makes it special?
First of all, its elegance and versatility. Then it can also be used in the office, thanks to the necessary lumens and OptiLight technology, which ensures it is glare-free. Even the switching system is special: the lamp is turned on by touching the plastic head and intensity is regulated at a touch.
What is it like?
Innovative, versatile, customizable.
How does the designer describe it?
“For Dresscode I drew inspiration from fashion and consumer electronics. In particular, I was inspired by cell phone covers, thinking about how many variants can be found on the market. I wanted to create a lamp that could also be personalized to taste, with a unique color range.”