Fabrique Natural Genius by Marc Sadler for Listone Giordano. A wooden surface that surprises with tactile qualities close to the world of textiles

Designed by Marc Sadler, Fabrique Natural Genius for Listone Giordano is a collection with a striking new personality and innovative surface treatments, in terms of both color and cross-brushing technique. Fabrique is a dynamic collection, stemming from in-depth research into the material, itself the inspiration for a new interpretation of wooden surfaces and also characterized by an inherent affinity for walls. It is made from multilayer birch wood, one of the fastest growing deciduous trees. Its use also in the visible layer as an alternative to the slow-growing species of timber commonly used for producing parquet is a more rational use of forestry resources. Fabrique reinterprets “head wood” flooring in a contemporary version by exploiting the performance of multilayer wood, which guarantees high dimensional stability despite changes in temperature. In addition to giving greater strength, the machining on the visible face of the product, in the longitudinal and transverse directions, achieves a seamless wood surface with a monolithic, homogeneous, material aesthetic effect and tactile qualities very close to the textures of textiles. The subsequent possible pigmentation, in the new colors such as Clay, Cement, Rope, Fume Noire, Graphite and Tobacco, also offers potential for attaining original aesthetic results, such as a material surface that recalls the texture of jute fabrics, highly unusual in a traditional wooden floor.

At a glance

What is it?
High-end wooden flooring intended for the contract, hospitality and residential sectors.
What is the design concept?
Fabrique Natural Genius is an innovative product for birch plywood flooring used as “head wood”, namely with the wood fiber arranged orthogonally with respect to the surface in which it is laid, giving the product significant advantages in terms of yield, economy, ecological qualities and aesthetic originality.
How is it made?
Fabrique is made exclusively from birch multilayer, made by gluing thin wood layers with the fibers laid crossing orthogonally to form variable thicknesses.
How is it produced and where?
Listone Giordano has complete control over the production chain. The product is made at the Listone Giordano factory at Miraduolo in Umbria.
How is it manufactured?
Listone Giordano manufactures all its products by focusing heavily on the sustainability of the production processes with the ability to create a finished product of the highest quality. For this reason, together with automation there is a fundamental human component that creates a zero emission hand-crafted product.
What makes it special?
Ecological innovation. The birch used to make the multilayer is one of the fastest growing broadleaf trees. Its use also in the visible layer represents a more rational use of forestry resources.
What is it like?
Elegant, surprising, fascinating.
How does the designer describe it?
“I love the spirit and atmospheres evoked by Fabrique, which perfectly matches the idea of the great industrial revolutions. A collection with a strong personality, which gives birch the dignity of a rich and precious fabric. The color range is beautiful.”