In the Circular version, Algebra, designed by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, is a real sculpture of light, a cascade of handcrafted crystals

"Don't call it a chandelier" would say the designers and entrepreneurs Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli who prefer to define Algebra, in the new Circular version, as a sculpture of light, a micro-architecture of light, a cascade of crystals completely handcrafted in their laboratory active by almost thirty years. Algebra Circular by Lolli e Memmoli is the evolution of a project presented in 2018 which is inspired (in Arabic al-ǧabr means union) by the succession of hexagonal motifs. In the latest circular version, the Algebra Circular model is therefore created by drops of crystals on a hexagonal base hooked and fixed together with a system that hides the cage and the light source itself, leaving only the sparkle of the crystal visible. Like well-studied mechanical gears, the union of the elements gives life to scenographic light compositions, apparently light, potentially infinite and always different in shape and color. The repetition of the hexagonal pattern recalls contemporary trends in fashion and interior design in which geometric polygons are combined to create fascinating patterns. This visual reference gives Algebra Circular a glamorous aesthetic; the tailoring with which each chandelier is made in over four weeks of manual work pays homage to the creations of the masters of haute couture.

What is it?
It is a decorative and modular suspension light that can “float” lightly in homes and in the most exclusive spaces, contract or commercial.
What its design concept?
The decorative effect of the lamp is obtained from the repetition of a bi-hexagonal base module, which makes the object faceted, light.
How is it made?
The chromed metal structure is reduced to the essential, it almost disappears under the reflections of the thousands of crystal tesserae attached and which build the shape of the lamp without further structures.
How is it produced?
The production is handcrafted and completely made in Italy. The tailoring with which each chandelier is made requires over four weeks of manual work.
How is it manifactured?
The workers who carry out Circular Algebra are highly specialized. Some manufacturing techniques are ancient and no longer in use, but they survive in the Lolli and Memmoli laboratories.
What makes it special?
The characteristic of this suspension lamp is that it has a very original decoration that resembles the toothed wheel of a giant gear, but made of crystal.
How is it?
Original, intriguing, furnishing.
In the designer’s own words...
"The circular version we present comes from the previous straight model, to obtain a model with a central plan suitable for tables or for the center of the room."