Toiletpaper is the signature of the Luxury Shit Collection with surrealist, provocative and irreverent images

The Londonart Luxury Shit Collection is Toiletpaper's first wallpaper capsule and collects the iconic subjects and bestsellers of the photos taken by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Born from the collaboration between the contemporary artist and the photographer, Toiletpaper is a magazine composed of images created by the two artists with the idea of ​​creating a new concept between artistic language and advertising language, art and fashion. Vibrant provocative and irreverent images that combine the patina of commercial photography with pop suggestions, surrealist evocations, sexual obsessions, ambiguity, creating complex orchestrations that ironize, showing a new exploration of the world of art. Each image comes from an intuition, even a simple one, to become a complex composition of ideas, people and objects that build a sort of mental outlet. The multiplicity of the designers' creativity and an ever-changing vision have made Toiletpaper a real brand with a precise and recognizable identity. Luxury Shit for Londonart is not just a choice of beautiful images, but a story that connects the different subjects, to bring out a complete vision of Toiletpaper's visual nonconformity. Thus a shower of popcorn, a sea of ​​spaghetti and chips, macro holed flowers, mirrors that reflect the sky, giant mouths, a gun that drips gold, become decoration, because everything in the Toiletpaper world becomes possible and real, daily and concrete in its absurdity.

At a glance

What is it?
A wallpaper that adapts to any room, accentuating the pop and democratic tone of contemporary environments or playing down, by contrast, classic and ultra-luxury environments.
What is the design concept?
Each wallpaper is created to have an immediate impact, so as not to get lost among all the others: color and situation keep the viewer magnetized to look at it. A sequence that embraces everything, an inspiration that draws from different hemispheres of creativity, from everything that surrounds us and which deserves an unprecedented look, an unexpected vision.
How is it made and from what materials?
Each Londonart support adapts to a specific need: from living rooms to humid environments to PVC free. All the subjects of the collections can be printed on different supports. Kanda and Raw are non-woven wall coverings with different embossing, for a made-to-measure material rendering of the environments. Glass is a fiberglass wall covering. Blue Glass Finish was created for environments with beating water: inside shower, back of sinks and external walls. It has high mechanical and water resistance and is washable. White Glass Finish is ideal in environments that require frequent cleaning and subject to wear such as kitchens or public environments. It offers high mechanical and impact resistance and is washable. And finally, Greenwallpaper, a new support in non-woven Pvc free fabric suitable for indoor environments: composed of 71% cellulose, 21% fibers and 8% additives, it is recyclable and breathable.
How is it produced and where?
Londonart wallpapers are produced exclusively in Italy with Italian raw materials and cutting-edge technological systems.
What makes it special?
The result of research, dedication and imagination, the Londonart collections are a further evolution compared to the previous ones, thanks to constant experimentation work.
How is it?
Provocative, surrealist, irreverent.
In the designer’s own words
With the wallpapers we have added a new dimension to our Toiletpaper image diffusion work.