Three lines for the new K3 Saison 2 collection that brings luxury into the home. Through furnishings, accessories, linens and fabrics, all characterized by strong graphic signs

The company name, K3, comes from the Japanese kanji '', which literally means 'three', but is also a symbol of balance and harmony.

Between East and West, the influences of the products made by the maison come together in a decidedly modern style, where vibrant color palettes and bold patterns echo the joie de vivre that was so inherent in Kenzo's creative universe Takada.

The luxury brand K3 launched in 2019 by the Japanese designer, together with Jonathan Bouchet Manheim and Engelbert Honorat, continues today carrying on the creative legacy by Kenzo Takada and presenting the new collection, Saison II, which is divided into three lines which include furniture, accessories, wallpapers, ceramics, fabrics and household linen and the bathroom, all handmade by Italian and Japanese artisans: Shogun Blu, Hana Pop and Toro.

The first is played on shades of blue that evoke summer, an invitation to travel and dream, with the elongated shape of the sofas that echo the solemnity of the Samurai.

The second, Hana Pop, is characterized by bright colors and floral graphics that cover the furnishings, giving them freshness and bringing liveliness into the rooms.

Finally Tora, which uses the jungle as the main source of inspiration by presenting cloudy landscapes where animals emerge from mysterious vegetation.

The result is a welcoming and rich landscape that enriches and characterizes the fabrics that cover the products in the collection with an energetic and graphic pattern that recalls a primitive instinct where man and nature coexist in harmony.