Each Foliage bathtub produced for the Ex-Cave Collection, designed by Flavio Albanese for Margraf, is a unique piece of great visual impact

Ex-Cave Collection is a bathroom collection, consisting of a marble bathtub and washbasins, designed by Flavio Albanese for Margraf. Marble, a natural element, is extracted and worked by man to become a work. A process of metamorphosis, dictated by the creative spirit of the designers and assisted by the use of the most advanced technologies, which allows the material to acquire properties and characters that were previously impossible to imagine. Part of the collection is the Foliage line: leaf-shaped elements made from unique blocks of stone material modeled by the skilled hands of the artisans who work for Margraf to suggest the idea of the action of atmospheric phenomena on the rock. In particular, the Foliage elliptical bathtub is characterized by an elegant concave shape that alone can define the design of a bathroom.

At a glance

What is it?
Foliage is a leaf-shaped tub in Gray Onyx, belonging to the Ex-Cave Collection, designed by Flavio Albanese.
What is its design concept?
The series combines nature and metamorphosis in a process of transformation of marble.
How is it made?
The Foliage tub is a solid wood tub, obtained by digging, in this case, a single block of Gray Onyx. Dimensions: 238 x 95 cm, h 99 cm.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced at the Margraf laboratories, using the latest generation of numerical control machinery, capable of obtaining any type of three-dimensional shape. Obviously, human work is fundamental, from the design phase to the programming of the machines, up to the hand-made finishes.
How is it special?
Each block of marble has its own history and each element produced, whatever it is, becomes a unique piece. The unrepeatable peculiarities of the raw material, combined with the technological transformation processes, certainly make it different from other products in the same category.
How is it?
Unique, elegant, natural.