Frog by Emiliana Martinelli for Martinelli Luce. A great little help when you need it

“Design often stems from the little, important needs of life,” says designer Emiliana Martinelli. “In fact, the idea of ​​a lamp like Frog came to me when, one day, I had no way of lighting up the bushes and foliage of the trees in a garden. I wanted an easy-to-install spotlight, perhaps a portable one, that would pick out specific points, but it wasn't in my catalogue. This is how the Frog spotlight came into being.”

The body of the lamp in painted aluminum, lightweight and tough at the same time, is roto molded in polyethylene and comes in three colors (petrol blue, yellow and black). Equipped with a LED light and three different light beams (narrow, medium and wide), Frog is the 2020 novelty by Matinelli Luce designed for outdoors, adjustable and mountable on either ground or wall to illuminate a garden, tree, patio or the exterior of the house.

“I sought to combine design and technology in a simple, functional, cheerful device. Even its name,” points out Martinelli, “is inspired by the location and shape of a large frog, standing on the ground, looking into the distance with its goggle eyes, just the way Frog projects its light.”

What is it?
Frog is a spotlight for outdoors with an adjustable LED light, that can be placed on the ground or fastened to a wall. It is an accent light designed to pick out a tree, hedge, corner of a garden or patio.
What is the design concept?
Frog grew out of the designer Emiliana Martinelli’s practical need to pick out specific spots in a garden, such as bushes or the foliage of trees. And to do this, she had in mind an easily installed and portable spotlight, with a simple, functional and cheerful design, like the frog from which it took its inspiration and name.
How it is made?
The Frog light is roto molded in colored polyethylene. It comes in three colors: black, yellow and petrol blue (in the picture) while the base is in aluminum painted black. Its shape, with fluid curves, is characterized by two lateral protrusions, like two large ears, which allow it to be fixed by two knobs to the base, so as to place it on the ground or fix it in place with a stake. The spotlight is adjustable to direct the light wherever needed and easily portable. Ready to use with a 20W PAR 38 E27 bulb, it is available with three different light beams: narrow, medium and wide for all lighting needs.
What makes it special?
Frog’s structure is roto molded in polyethylene. This technology is commonly used to make outdoor lights, especially for more decorative lamps, but rarely for more technical fixtures such as spotlights. The choice of this type of material and production arose from the need to make it light to facilitate mobility, but at the time sturdy and affordable.
What is it like?
Useful, practical, amusing.