Lea by Paolo Venier, a light sign, a soft and enveloping sofa

A slender silhouette characterizes the new Lea sofa, designed by Paolo Vernier for Midj. Lea enriches and completes the collection of the same name. In addition to the chair presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile, the set will include a series of furnishing complements, with a table, a pouf, a sideboard, some mirrors and accessories. Soft and enveloping, it is astonishing in the lightness of its line: four slender metal legs support a narrow ring that holds the seat, a trait that enhances the elegance of the collection and characterizes it. Like all Midj products, the Lea sofa is notable for the great versatility of materials and colors. The structure is made of steel in 15 matt colors and 4 gloss finishes while the wooden back comes in 9 different shades, ranging from traditional natural oak, dark brown or flamed walnut to colors in vogue such as blue, red or light grey. The upholstery can be made from leather, faux leather or fabric, with the possibility of choosing a different fabric for the front and back to create an interplay of color and refined material combinations. The Lea sofa comes in a two-seat version and an armchair variant.

At a glance

What is it?
Lea is a two-seater sofa designed to furnish waiting rooms, hotel lobbies and private homes with generous spaces.
What is the design concept?
A project with a light sign. Four slender metal legs support a narrow ring that holds the seat. This trait enhances the elegance of the collection and characterizes it.
How is it made?
Four conical metal legs welded on a metal ring support the body. The seat and back are padded and upholstered in leather, faux leather or fabric. The metal structure is available in 19 matt colors and three prestigious gloss finishes.
How is it produced and where?
In the Midj production plant at Cordovado, in the province of Pordenone.
How is it manufactured?
All phases of production are handled by our master craftsmen. The processing involves the manual finishing of the seams. This is industrial production combined with outstanding craft qualities.
What makes it special?
The slender steel legs and the refined design make it ideal for furnishing any type of ambiance. Comfortable, it comes in a wide range of materials and colors.
What is it like?
Elegant, light, Midj.