Healthy.Wood from Milesi, gives surfaces absolute and lasting protection against bacteria

Never as at this time have products designed for people’s health and well-being been so important. We need practical help to live peacefully at home and in public spaces, such as bars and restaurants, cinemas, hotels, schools, stores, exhibition venues, medical and professional offices. To meet this need, Milesi has developed a new line of sterilizing and sanitizing finishes, Healthy.Wood, which gives surfaces absolute and lasting protection against bacteria, without resorting to the use of disinfectants. It is a finish that can easily be applied to protect any surface. It is also designed to be used, as an industrial finish, for the production of objects of everyday use that need to be sanitized: spectacles, toys, etc. The heart of the formulation is silver, with its acknowledged disinfectant qualities. In combination with the innovative technology developed at Milesi’s Research Laboratory, it has enabled us to create a wide range of finishes and finishing coats with extremely innovative sterilizing and sanitizing properties. The sanitizing particles are directly integrated into their formulation and this makes it possible to distribute the product evenly over the whole surface, making it resistant to bacteria in all its parts.

Since they do not evaporate, their sanitizing action lasts forever, even on surfaces that are often cleaned with detergents, including particularly aggressive ones.