Torii is the new collection designed by Nendo for Minotti: seats and tables for a flexible layout, characterized by refined craftsmanship and careful design details stemming from the Japanese tradition

In the metal structure of the legs of chairs and tables of the Torii collection for Minotti, Nendo recalls the image of the "torii", the gateway to the Shinto shrines of Japan.

Hence the origin of the name of the collection which includes sofas (with high or low backrest and linear and rounded shape in correspondence with the armrests), inclined sofas with a combination of two different depths, lounge and dining armchairs and armchairs, poufs, low tables and a slender oval-shaped console to be placed in the living room.

The backs, with reduced thickness, are characterized by quilting with vertical slats and by a piping along the perimeter of the padding, which underline the couture aspect of the package. All upholstered elements can be customized with the choice of upholstery: in fabric or leather or in fabric with a leather base. The seats can be equipped with leather magazine rack worked with suitcase techniques and enriched with metal details. The end of the horizontal metal element is designed almost to hold the back and seat, recalling the dictates of the traditional Japanese Kigumi construction technique.

The fixed and swivel armchairs are designed to meet both functional and ergonomic needs, declined in the different types.

The seats - in Bergère, Large, Medium and Small versions - and the Dining and Lounge armchairs are the result of Minotti's research to best express the simplicity of the structure. The base is available in leather or fabric. Some elements feature (in the extension of the base) a fixed tray in recessed marble, Calacatta or Stone Gray painted matt polyester, made with attention to its proportions, thickness and construction details to integrate into the seat.

At a glance

What is it?
Torii is a family of chairs designed by Nendo, with an articulated abacus, which includes sofas, inclined sofas, armchairs, lounge and dining armchairs and poufs, enriched with furnishing accessories such as consoles and low tables.
What is its design concept?
The Torii chairs, characterized by a flexible layout and refined packaging, present design details linked to the Japanese tradition: in the construction of the metal structure of the legs of the different furnishings, Nendo is in fact inspired by the image of the "torii", the portal of access to Japanese Shinto shrines. With a game of joints, the horizontal elements of the structure are placed on the vertical supports, guaranteeing a sophisticated visual lightness to accommodate the padded volume.
How is it made?
All furnishings have a metal structure with a bronze-colored finish on which the padded volume characterized by the couture aspect of the package rests. The seats, which play with the rounded volumes and the lightness of the thicknesses, can be customized with the choice of exclusive coverings, enriched by quilting with vertical slats and by a piping along the perimeter of the padding.
Where is it made?
It is produced and manufactured in Italy by Minotti, in the production areas of the Meda HQ.
How is it special?
The Torii family is characterized by the combination of the appeal of modern design and the haute couture approach in precise and meticulous tailoring. Torii offers great compositional versatility, which can also include the aggregation of individual elements, creating a strong visual unity. Another distinctive element is the possibility of having sofas with different depths within the same seat and high or low backs, to create large islands of great intimacy in residential and hospitality contexts. Finally, the seats can be equipped with leather magazine rack worked with suitcase techniques and some elements have a fixed recessed marble tray that integrates into the seat along the base.
How is it?
Aerial, taylored, poliedric.
In the words of the designer
"A fundamental aspect derives from the details: the seams, the use of leather profiles, the seams on the back which emphasize its softness, shapes and comfort. I believe this collection reflects Minotti's true craftsmanship."