Grandma, the essential and decorative living space series created by MissoniHome

Grandma is the name of a family of MissoniHome furnishings comprising sofa, classic yet modern at the same time, armchair and a small table, useful and delightful. The series stands out by its refined material combination of wood and fabric that endows each piece with a restrained, timeless appearance and a markedly decorative identity. The sofa is simply a version of the armchair with a double seat, hence light, airy and easy to insert in any indoor setting. Inspired by the concept of the bench, it is designed to combine the practicality of the slender design with the comfort of the padded seat and decor. Its lightness ensures easy handling that facilitates its insertion into existing contexts. One of the peculiarities of Grandma is the design of the curved armrests in solid wood with an ogival section, slender yet strong, combining inspirations from the world of nature with that of art.

At a glance

What is it?
A series for the conversation zone comprising two choreographic but simple, decorative and comfortable seats, the armchair and sofa, as well as the small table to be inserted between their arms.
What is the design concept?
The project, with an easy and decorative shape, combines a modern linear design with overtones of tradition. The research for the project sought to achieve a balance between design and colors and a coherence between natural material and textile artistry.
How is it made?
The curved solid wood armrests, in either oak or American walnut, are fixed to the multilayer wood frame. The non-deformable padding and feet are in soft non-slip and scratch-resistant rubber. The upholstery can be customized with the MissoniHome fabric of your choice in your favorite pattern.
How is it produced and where?
The Grandma series is fully made in Italy with craft methods, both in the structural components and the textiles.
How is it manufactured?
La lavorazione artigianale permette di concentrare l’attenzione sull’equilibrio delle proporzioni: la linea dei braccioli, in particolare, è studiata per risultare elegantemente sottile grazie alla sezione a ogiva. Craft skills make it possible to concentrate attention on the harmonious proportions. The line of the armrests, in particular, is designed to be elegantly slender thanks to their ogival section.
What makes it special?
Grandma embodies the concept of a versatile and timeless piece of furniture by reinterpreting a traditional furnishing. The purpose was to recover a non-invasive decorative identity, rational and functional, achieved by using natural and refined materials.
What is it like?
Versatile, essential, unconventional.
In the designer’s own words
“The effect of surprise should never be lacking in my collections” Rosita Missoni.