Skill by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello for Modulnova is an island that marks the space like a monolith

Lightness of design and formal restraint are the main features of Skill, the Modulnova program designed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello.

Widely customizable given the potential for choosing and mixing different materials and finishes, the system features a large island that stands out like a sculptural monolith in space. Its lacquered bases are in satin lead Fokos, a finish shared by the stoneware top, so generating a perfect chromatic pendant. The five-millimeter thickness of Skill, in addition to ensuring aesthetic lightness, is the thread of continuity running through every element of the project, from the worktop with integrated sink to the profile of the oak doors. The smooth ground-ceiling doors serve both to conceal the equipped columns and – thanks to the pivot opening – to enter the adjacent room that acts as a wine cellar and pantry and is bounded by a glass wall. The setting is completed by a bright screen that serves as the backdrop for an industrial-style bookcase, with uprights and shelves in painted iron. The painstaking attention to detail that the company devotes to its products is also reflected in the new customized accessories: from the stoneware finish for the bottom of the drawers and baskets to removable dividers in wood and aluminum with a horizontal orientation that make the most of the spaces and help keep the drawers tidy in keeping with the needs of each user.

At a glance

What is it?
Skill is Modulnova’s patented system that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and living areas. The patent is the outcome of technical research combining design and functionality with added value arising from the potential for combining the wide range of materials and finishes.
What is the design concept?
Skill is strongly characterized by its 5 mm thickness. Modulnova's sartorial approach finds in this system an application that combines aesthetic restraint and rationalized spaces.
How is it made?
Skill makes it possible to mix all the materials in the catalogue: wood, stoneware, glass, lacquered, raw or satin finishes to heighten the tactile effects. The Skill door is made of wood particles and can be covered in different finishes, from milltech to wood. The Skill stoneware door, in particular, is made up of an internal aluminum honeycomb panel bonded to a 5 mm thick stoneware slab.
How is it produced and where?
Like the other Modulnova systems, Skill is turned out in our production facilities at Prata di Pordenone.
How is it manufactured?
Organization and industrial precision, combined with excellence in manufacturing and the individual specialized sectors have enabled Modulnova to create this innovative system and obtain a patent for it.
What makes it special?
Skill enhances the thickness of 5 mm in the various elements: from the fronts to the sides and the tops. The potential for coordinating different materials and finishes without limits is the system’s added value, thanks to the flexibility that characterizes each project, from kitchen to living room and bathroom.
What is it like?
Innovative, technological, elegant.