Skill by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, a versatile design system that can be adapted to kitchen, living room or bathroom

The Skill system was devised, designed, built and patented by Modulnova with a tailored approach. A wide range of materials and finishes make up Skill’s design vocabulary, which combines contemporary design, functionality, rationalization of spaces and aesthetic qualities.

Its plus is the effect of lightness achieved through the 5 mm thickness of the elements that compose it: fronts, sides and tops that can be produced without limitations in wood, stoneware, glass and lacquer, satin or material finishes.

Thanks to its versatility, Skill, designed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, easily adapts to the kitchen, living room and even bathroom.

In the solution proposed here for the bathroom, Skill designs a long suspended block with bases and sink in Senda stoneware, an environmentally friendly, tough and hygienic material with a natural stone effect. This is combined with a large backlit floor-to-ceiling mirror and oak paneling with black aluminum storage units from the Alubox modular system. Open on top, they are designed to store accessories and everyday objects.

At a glance

What is it?
An innovative patented system by Modulnova that can be used for bathroom, kitchen and living room. It is designed for a demanding public, sensitive to design as well as attentive to functional qualities and resolved to have a personalized and unique project.
What is the design concept?
Lightness and formal cleanliness are the characteristics of Skill, which has its essence in the thickness of 5 mm. Modulnova’s tailoring approach, made possible by the variety of materials and finishes and extensive design vocabulary, finds in Skill an elegant application combining aesthetic clarity with rational spaces.
How is it made and with what materials?
The Skill patent is the outcome of lengthy technical research to unite design, functionality and aesthetic qualities through the possibility of mixing and matching all the materials and finishes in the wide range available in the catalogue: wood, stoneware and glass with lacquered, satin or raw finishes for more tactile effects.
Where is it produced?
Like the other Modulnova systems, it is made at production facilities in Prata di Pordenone.
How is it manufactured?
Organization and industrial precision, combined with excellence of manufacturing and the skills of individual specialist sectors have enabled Modulnova to create this innovative system and patent it.
What makes it special?
Skill enhances the thickness of 5 mm in the various elements (fronts, sides and tops) and expresses compositional lightness by being perfectly integrated with the volumes and proportions of the project in bathroom, kitchen and living room. The ability to adapt to different environments and coordinate different materials and finishes without limitations is its added value.
What is it like?
Innovative, technological, elegant.