Octave by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C.: subtle research into proportions, a graphic interplay of geometric volumes for a system of upholstered furnishings with a contemporary attitude

Octave is an upholstered furniture system with a contemporary spirit, combining elegant forms with functional compositions and comfort. Its designer is Vincent Van Duysen, who has worked with Octave by Molteni & C. to develop a complete, rational program of pieces to be shaped and modeled in different configurations that can subsequently be modified. The result is a living system with a dynamic character and reassuring lines, where padded elements with geometric profiles generate an interplay of personalized volumes with alternating voids and solids. Linear and corner seats, trays and ottomans can be grouped and combined to create welcoming domestic islands to spend time on different activities – reading, work, resting, conversation – always in relaxing ways.

The back has double cushions: the classic arrangement is joined by elegant lower-back supports. The compositions include rigorous headrests with a geometric form that ensures perfect ergonomic balance. Attention to detail has been lavished on every part: the trays built into the composition are in sheet steel covered in regenerated cowhide in a range of colors; the feet, in thermowelded steel with a pewter and zinc coating, graphically define the composition and add lightness thanks to their slender oblong form. The system has removable covering in fabric or leather.

At a glance

What is it? 
An upholstered seating component system with essential geometric lines, based on different pieces that can be grouped in various linear or corner compositions.
What is the design concept?
Octave has been created to generate original, personalized compositions by grouping the various elements and alternating seats, trays and ottomans.
How is it made? 
The structure is in solid wood covered with variable-density polyurethane, while the feet are in thermowelded steel. The seat cushions are in variable-density polyurethane, while the back and lower back cushions are in a mixture of down and polyester fiber with differentiated compartments.
How is it produced and where? 
The components are all made in Brianza, and entirely assembled in Giussano.
How is it manufactured?
The leather parts feature fine workmanship; the thermoformed steel feet rely on advanced technology.
What makes it special?
The possibility of creating personalized functional compositions, like a bespoke garment, to adapt to any context and the multiple needs of contemporary living.
What is it like?
Elegant, dynamic, reassuring.