Sticks by Massimo Nadalini for Mosaico+ is a system of modules of material in which the finishes and sizes multiply its potential for use on floors and walls.

Sticks is a collection of modules in porcelain stoneware by Mosaico+, based on a system of modules in which finishes and sizes multiply its potential uses both on walls and floors, for interiors and exteriors as well as in water (swimming pools). Its innovation is that, thanks to the use of porcelain stoneware, Sticks also allows the mosaic to be applied to floors. It is made from slabs of pressed material and cut into different formats, also characterized by a wide range of surface finishes.

Sticks consists of a basic slat measuring 5x3 cm, available in two variants: Smooth which has a very light surface texture, and Mix, in which three different finishes are mixed randomly to obtain new shades. To extend the potential of the collection, the slats also come in the smaller formats of 1×30 cm and 1x10 cm, the latter available in the Mix variant, mounted on fiberglass mesh to form sheets of 30×30 cm. This means they can be used to construct horizontal and vertical tatami or to mix the modules, creating regular or irregular interlacing patterns. The slats, boxed as loose pieces, can be used freely to be laid in endless patterns. The shades available vary from beige to white, grey and black, making it possible to create a varied range of optical effects.

At a glance

What is it?
Sticks is a collection made in porcelain stoneware; a system of material, textures, formats, colors making it possible to personalize every floor and wall surface.
What is the design concept?
To create a universal product that can be combined as a floor surface with any other Mosaico+ collection and can be used as floor, wall or outdoor cladding.
How is it made?
Sticks is made up of a basic slat measuring 5x3 cm, available in 2 variants: Smooth, with a very light texture, which gives a manual sign to the material, and Mix, in which 3 different textures are mixed randomly. The slats, boxed as loose pieces, can be used freely to compose endless patterns.
How is it produced and where?
Sticks is produced from slabs of pressed material, cut to the different formats of the collection, also characterized by different surface finishes. The available shades are: Plaster, Clay, Smoke, Coal.
How is it manufactured?
Through the ability to control and carry out the various phases of fabrication to obtain perfect forms and colors.
What makes it special?
The great novelty deriving from the use of porcelain stoneware lies in the potential for applying this mosaic also to the floor. Due to its enduring qualities it will considerably extend the use of mosaic in many settings.
What is it like?
Universal, modular, pure
How does the designer describe it?
“I worked by subtraction, seeking simple variations to modify the perception of the whole finished surface.”