Mattonelle Margherita: Mutina has worked on colour along with the artist Nathalie Du Pasquier

Mutina gives life to an complex project featuring a blend of different aesthetic and formal means of expression. The Mattonelle Margherita, designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier, collection consists of elements in solid-coloured glazed porcelain stoneware to be freely combined with a wide range of elements, including graphic ones. The suggested combinations, some with a minimalist style, others of a more audacious nature, lead to the creation of infinite layouts, always different, innovative and never predictable, suitable for covering even entire surfaces. Margherita is designed for those who love to experiment and have fun, obtaining surprising and interesting decorative details in any home. The excellent result in terms of finish and color is due to careful research on glazes that led to the creation of a satin surface that is particularly pleasant to the touch and aesthetically intense thanks to the bright colors. The combination of very white glazes with transparent and waxy glazes, applied in large quantities, guarantees a natural appearance to the surfaces. An anti-slip version, which provides for the additional application of a special glaze formulation, fixed by a new firing that slightly opacifies the surface, is available on request for all situations in which it is necessary to ensure long-lasting non-slip characteristics. Nathalie Du Pasquier has not just designed a new collection, but she has developed the concept of the environment in its entirety through the combination of ceramic elements and paintings. In addition to selecting a lively proposal of colors starting from the Accents palette already in the range (Clay, Oxide, Pearl, Pine, Sand and Terra), the designer has specially developed Margherita Paints, a new range of colors - pink, blue, orange, yellow and green - available in both matt and satin versions.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of ceramic floor and wall tiles.
What its design concept?
It is an articulated project where different aesthetic and formal languages are intertwined. In fact, the collection is characterized by a dual concept: on the one hand, a simple and minimalist style, which translates into solid elements; on the other, a creative and courageous approach, taking shape in a wide range of graphics.
How is it produced?
The Mattonelle Margherita universe is made up of 41 different patterns designed by hand: 27 graphics and 6 plain elements in the 20,5x20,5 cm size, 6 patterns and 2 plain elements in the 10,1x20,5 cm size. The elements are modular with a 2 mm gap.
Where is it manifactured?
Porcelain stoneware made in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
It is glazed porcelain stoneware made ‘as it once was’, that is, following a traditional industrial production method.
What makes it special?
Mattonelle Margherita are characterized by their smooth texture. They are easy to clean and particularly pleasant to the touch.
How is it?
Fun, timeless, with infinite number of combinations.
In the designer’s own words...
“A somewhat futuristic little dining room. A simple white enameled gas kitchen, the aunt’s cupboard, but also an induction kitchen and lockers that open with the remote control fit well with these tiles. Indeed, it is the perfect collection for small spaces, with the floor, baseboards and walls entirely covered with different patterns tiles; or a wall in an American kitchen; or even in the living room of a summer house, with a 60-inch television. It is perfect for barefoot walking in a Sicilian villa or even with slippers on the tenth floor of a palace in Cinisello Balsamo. Mattonelle Margherita can be composed in so many ways, like the tiles of the past. They are very modern even if they are not fashionable.”