Created to facilitate the division of spaces, Sipario, Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is made of a recycled and recyclable material

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi, Sipario is a modular system of outdoor partition walls with self-watering planter, made of regenerated plastic. It is characterized by an elegant asymmetrical design with a large mesh and allows: depending on the positioning of the individual modules, these are connected with special snap hooks. Different configurations can thus be achieved, with walls that can reach a height of over 2 meters. Born from Nardi's Regeneration industrial program that withdraws obsolete outdoor furniture to recover and reuse plastic, Sipario wants to give an answer to the current need to divide spaces in bars and restaurants and to the strong need to live in an outdoor and natural environment as much as possible also in urban areas. The modules are equipped with a special vase-planter with a double function: ballasting the dividing walls and containing plants and flowers to make spaces reserved and elegant. The Sipario vase is self-irrigating: this is thanks to an 8-liter tank fitted with a float from which the water flows into the saucer. This function allows you not to have to deal with plants on a daily basis and makes it particularly suitable for the contract world. Easy to clean, easy to assemble and stack, it does not require screws or tools and, once disassembled, it takes up a very small space. The packaging and related supports are made of FSC certified recycled cardboard. The measurements of each module are 70.3 x 70.3 x 35 cm with the possibility of mounting up to 3 in height.

At a glance

What is it?
Sipario is a modular divider for the outdoors, freely modular that responds surprisingly effectively to the current need to divide spaces.
What is its design concept?
An eco-sustainable and customizable solution to create outdoor environments custom configurable.
How is it made?
Made of recycled plastic, it is part of the Regeneration program by Nardi.
Where is it produced?
It is entirely produced in the Chiampo plants, Nardi headquarters, which has a very short supply chain. It is completely Made in Italy.
How is it done?
The Regeneration process involves the recovery, at predefined collection points, of the furnishings that have reached the end of life. Shredding, grinding and homogenization of obsolete plastic occurs through a special machinery called Mill that reduces everything into granules. The latter will be then reused for the molding of new products. These production lines have a low environmental impact.
What's special about it?
It offers the possibility of creating walls - linear, broken, curved and closed - which allow configurations to be changed quickly and continuously in an easy and fast way without any screw or the use of tools. The self-watering planter is also interesting.
How is it?
Smart, contemporary, recyclable.