Part of the Deep collection, designed by Nika Zupanc for Natuzzi, the Wave sofa is a versatile and timeless object that lends itself to infinite combination possibilities

Issued from the collaboration between Natuzzi and Nika Zupanc, the Deep collection is inspired by the concept The Circle of Harmony, the leitmotif of all the brand's 2020 novelties: the circle as a form of harmony par excellence, a symbol of the search for balance and perfection.

Among the new furnishings in the collection, the Wave linear sofa is an elegant project that, with its enveloping and sinuous lines, evokes the movement of sea waves. The shapes of the water are interpreted through the succession of curves and circles in continuous transformation. The vintage charm that distinguishes the whole family of upholstered furniture is amplified by the light gold finish that characterizes the base raised from the ground with satin metal feet and the metal profile that, running under the seat, emphasizes its shapes.

A polishing and powder coating process guarantees all metal details high scratch resistance and exceptional durability and ease of cleaning. The backrest, made up of a multilayer wooden frame with encircling curves, has a circular shape that brings back to an intimate and collected space on which a waving cushion in high-density polyurethane rests. The padding of the cushions, both for the seat and for the backrest, is in Eucafeel, a precious and certified material, biocompatible, which guarantees maximum breathability and great comfort. In addition, the pouf composed of two half-moon elements that can be joined by a central magazine rack in light gold satin metal, available in smooth or matt texture. The collection is available in a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery.

At a glance

What is it?
Wave is a linear sofa available in 3 or 2 seater versions, armchair and pouf.
What is its concept?
The Deep collection, of which Wave is part, is inspired by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea which from Slovenia, the birthplace of the designer Nika Zupanc, reaches the extreme tip of Puglia, an essential part of Natuzzi's identity which has been founded in 1959.
What is it made of?
Circular back with plywood frame. Cushion padding in Eucafeel high density polyurethane. Feet and metal profile.
Where is it made?
It's made in Italy
How is it made?
Each phase, from the conception of the project to marketing and sale, is managed directly by the company. The manufacturing capacity of the most expert craftsmen dialogues with the experimentation of the Natuzzi Style Center.
Why is it special?
The company directly deals with the processing of leathers, the production of padding and the processing of all wooden components. The entire Italian production is under the banner of sustainability and made using renewable energy. The wood comes from certified forests with controlled deforestation.
How is it?
Sensual, timeless, elegant.
In the designer's words
“Designed and built with the utmost care and love, Deep is made to hug and protect you, to help you savor the passage of time without anxiety. Because under the waves there is always an ocean of peace. "