Lys, designed by Angeletti Ruzza, is now presented with elegant new tactile finishes in enameled satin gold and anodic bronze

“Designing simplicity is very complicated,” says Silvana Angeletti, who describes Lys as “a simple object, a life partner that never wearies and continues to exist over time”. For this reason, the Lys suspension lamp designed by Angeletti Ruzza for Oluce in 2014 is now presented again with new elegant and refined tactile finishes: satin enameled gold and anodic bronze. Thanks to its small size and compact design, adds Daniele Ruzza, “Lys is replicable and can be grouped in clusters or used individually, in its simplicity and purity.” The technological component is embodied in the high efficiency LED source contained inside the bell-shaped, sinuous and slender diffuser. Technology and beauty embodied in a shape reminiscent of the 60s, brought up to date by the new metal finishes.

At a glance

What is it?
Lys is a LED suspension lamp designed for lighting contract and domestic spaces.
What is the design concept?
Lys, which is reminiscent of the 60s and the great masters of design, is characterized by the distinctive bell-shaped luminous head, sinuous and slender, housing the LED light source. In its new and current finishes in enameled satin gold and anodic bronze, Lys interprets Oluce's philosophy of modernity and innovation.
How is it made and out of what materials?
A bell-shaped reflector is made from sheet aluminum turned on the lathe then painted with special tactile paints.
How is it manufactured and where?
Production takes place in Italy through a semi-crafted process.
What skills are needed to produce it?
Lys is produced by turning on a lathe to enhance its exceptional finish and gloss.
What is its added value?
The use of the high efficiency LED source without a power supply or transformer, but directly from mains voltage.
Three adjectives to describe it.
Elegant, sophisticated, simple.