Origine by Davide Groppi | A luminous trail, a sign in space. Simplicity fills living with meaning.

Simplicity, lightness, emotion, invention. The simplicity of making things with less, the lightness of the ephemeral, the emotion of communicating through light, invention as a kind of magic. This is the alphabet behind the lighting creations of Davide Groppi, and Origine – a new entry for 2020 – is no exception to the rule. A steel base, a long stem in fiberglass and a linear LED module running upward permit the gentle, discreet indirect light to “sprout” and grow from the ground to the sky, to use the metaphor chosen by its designer. As in many other projects (Infinito, Sampei or Masai, for example), in Origine the form is slimmed to leave only a subtle luminous trail: “a sign, almost a spatial concept,” says Davide Groppi, perhaps inspired by the “Spatial Concepts” of Lucio Fontana that were also the “source” for the invention of Infinito in 2016. Origine, Groppi adds, is not an accent light but a lamp that adapts to indoor and outdoor spaces, like gardens, courtyards and facades, bringing out a sense of depth.

At a glance

What is it?
Origine is a floor lamp for indirect lighting; it is extremely versatile thanks to the availability in various heights, making it ideal for any indoor space or outdoor context, such as a garden, a courtyard or a facade.
What is the design concept?
An unconventional lighting fixture, present and absent at the same time, essential and discreet. The indirect light is not for accents; it is soft, enveloping, to emphasize the depth of spaces.
How is it made?
Entirely made in Italy, Origine is a lamp composed of a steel base with vertical adjustment, an IP65 linear LED module, a conical and telescopic stem in fiberglass, tapered at the end to the point of vanishing.
The technical factor?
As in many projects by Davide Groppi, Origine is a concept, almost an archetype. The main techniques involved are in the construction of the conical telescopic fiberglass stem.
What’s special?
Origine is a sign, almost a spatial concept, capable of generating beautiful light.
What’s it like?
Mysterious, enigmatic, comfortable.
The designer says…
“A gentle, enveloping light that starts from the ground and reaches to the sky. Origine is not an accent light… it conveys a sense of depth, horizon, hope. Origine. A Sprout of Light.”