In her thirty years, Paola Lenti has refined and consolidated research into the performance of yarns and experimentation with materials. At Milan Design Week 2024 you will present the new collection by studio nendo, called to restore function and aesthetic value to production surpluses

“It all started with a recyclable polymer: polypropylene. When I found it I thought: this is the future. Inspired by sailing boats, I used increasingly complex ropes, before moving on to weaving which, with its unlimited potential, has become one of our trademarks.

The textile sign has defined our identity and the new fabrics represent the vision that has guided me this far".

The history of Paola Lenti is dotted with products that represent textile research combined with colourand matter that transforms into form, their distinctive sign. The underlying theme of her activity is the ethical vision that is expressed in respect for nature, in cultural sustainability, in the relationship between people and in the recovery of the artisanal excellence intrinsic to Italian culture and manufacturing.