Hammock by Rene Gonzalez Architects, a tubular steel structure and woven netting for nomadic comfort

Highly portable, like the hammock from which it receives its name and inspiration, Paola Lenti's Hammock outdoor armchair is rigorous in its forms and flexible in its aesthetic, thanks to the dozens of exclusive colors available.

Designed by the Miami-based studio Rene Gonzalez Architects, it features a modernist-inspired design combined with skillful use of materials: a mix that creates a piece of furniture in which comfort, functionality and lightness of volumes are balanced. The structural concept is simple, but aesthetically very appealing and functional. The seat consists of a painted tubular steel frame and a fabric weave. The latter is a new and innovative interpretation of Rope, one of the most iconic outdoor technical materials by Paola Lenti, also entirely handmade this time.

Hammock is made from just two materials, fully expressing the policy adopted by the company for some time to make recycling the product at the end of its life as simple and ecological as possible.

At a glance

What is it?
A lounge chair inspired by a hammock, a product that is easy to transport and comfortable, versatile and functional, suitable for outdoor spaces.
What is the design concept?
Hammock is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional object that combines formal rigor with skillful use of materials.
How it is made?
The Hammock armchair consists of just two elements: a restrained frame in gloss painted steel and a load-bearing net hand-woven in Rope, an exclusive material for the exterior that constitutes the seat.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced completely in Italy, at the Paola Lenti factory in Meda.
How is it manufactured?
The steel structure is industrially painted to ensure the best outdoor performance and greater durability; the seat is fully hand woven to achieve a structural and aesthetic result that only manual processes can give.
What makes it special?
The armchair offers an unprecedented interpretation of Rope, one of Paola Lenti's most iconic and versatile outdoor technical materials. Being composed of only two materials, it is easily dismantled at the end of its life cycle.
What is it like?
Versatile, Flexible, Essential.
How does the designer describe it?
“Designing the Hammock collection with Paola Lenti was like going on a wonderful journey. This collaboration has enabled us to move from the scale of architecture to that of furnishings. We found the right inspiration in the features of natural spaces and an iconic type of design shared by many cultures.”