Large glass openings made with Schüco high-performance aluminium systems in a contemporary setting that evokes the past of a rural complex

The regular landscape of the Emilia plains suggests the architectural approach to a country home in Cento, near Ferrara. A sort of ruin of an old abandoned rural house has been transformed by ZSM Studio with a rational yet elegant image, based on the intersection between a single-story block containing the living area and a two-story volume for auxiliary spaces and bedrooms.

Both based on the pursuit of relations between inhabited spaces and the greenery outside, the two blocks establish a dialogue with lightness, relying on games of recesses and protrusions. This alternation of full and empty zones makes use of glazed openings, replacing entire portions of the masonry to flood the interiors with light.

To optimize energy performance of the transparent enclosure throughout the year, Schüco aluminium thermal break frames have been chosen with layered safety glass, combined with a sunscreen system for adjustment of natural lighting.

The large sliding panels permit direct communication between the interiors and the surrounding garden, thanks to the Schüco ASS 70 HI (High Insulation) system in aluminium. For the windows and glass doors, the choice goes to the Schüco AWS 75 SI (Super Insulation) system in aluminium, whose special sections guarantee a perfect seal against atmospheric agents, slowing thermal flow from outside to inside and vice versa. The fixed openings facing the inner courtyard are made with the Schüco FW 50+ facade system, joined by Schüco AWS 114 aluminium window frames.

To match the architectural palette of the house with its dominant earth tones and stone walls, all the frames of the Schüco aluminium systems are finished with a special coating process in the color VIV 901 Elettro Marrone. The result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfectly in line with the image of relaxed hospitality typical of country homes.

Photos: Fabio Bascetta