Novelty by CMP Design for Pedrali, Panarea is a tribute to the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and to the excellence of the Italian artisan tradition

Consisting of an armchair and a lounge, Panarea is designed by CMP Design for Pedrali. The collection has a wide and welcoming backrest, woven with polypropylene rope that, in its original geometry, creates a refined Greek fret and envelops the frame, also covering the armrests. The elegance of the thin stringing gives the seats graphic rigour and a three-dimensional appearance that emphasizes the idea of lightness. The lounge chair is equipped with a very generous seat and a high backrest, whose curvature allows you to ideally define a circular space, as a place of relaxation and conviviality. The comfort is further guaranteed by a comfortable cushion, covered with fabric made with the same yarn as the weaving and characterized by a quick-drying polyurethane foam padding.

Panarea by CMP Design per Pedrali

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of outdoor seating.
What its design concept?
Panarea was born from an idea of the Mediterranean coastal landscape, which brings to mind the colors and the refreshing breeze of a dinner in the open air on a terrace overlooking the sea and the conciliating and restorative light of the summer season.
How is it produced?
The structure is in painted steel for outdoor use and the seat has steel slats. The backrest is woven in polypropylene rope that also wraps the steel frame tube and the armrests.
How and where is it manifactured?
It is the result of a 100% made in Italy artisan production.
How is it made?
The stringing summarizes the minimum number of horizontal steps necessary to obtain a double curved surface, giving lightness and ease of movement.
What makes it special?
The handcrafted weaving, the result of a consolidated manufacturing tradition, is a symbol of respect and dedication to work. It is also 100% recyclable and easy to clean, sanitize and maintain. It is resistant to bacteria, sunlight, humidity and chlorine.
How is it?
Light, sunny and elegant.
In the designer’s own words...
A woven object always inspires a certain reverence, an archaic charm. This is because stringing is one of the oldest manual processes ever developed by man. An archaic beauty in which usefullness and the right form meet becoming one. Panarea wants to be this: a continuation, in today’s key, of one of the most ancient construction techniques used by man.