Remind Chair by Eugeni Quitllet for Pedrali

The Remind chair, designed by Eugeni Quitllet for Pedrali, draws on the memory of the soft and sinuous curves of the wooden chairs in the later 19th century, reinterpreting them. It is in injection-molded polypropylene monobloc with seat and back with a breathable texture that helps make it airy and even lighter, as well as comfortable and enveloping. In addition, for outdoor use, this feature of breathability allows water to drain away. Stackable and made of a single material, it is completely recyclable. The perforated back can be decorated with small colored pixels in polypropylene: this offers potential for creativity with the insertion of a letter, the silhouette of an object, a graphic symbol or simply a contrasting color.

This chair has also been recently proposed in a new version, made of recycled materials: Remind Recycled Grey has been manufactured using 50% of recycled plastic from consumers’ sources and 50% from recycled industrial plastic production.

At a glance

What is it?
A chair for indoors and out that recalls 19th-century Art Deco forms, reinterpreting them through a contemporary material.
What is the design concept?
Remind Chair repeats the memory of the soft and sinuous curves of the wooden chairs in the later 19th century. Yet its essence is expressed through a silhouette with organic forms that can adapt to any space and style.
How it is made?
The chair is a monobloc made of polypropylene filled with injection-molded glass fibers.
How is it produced and where?
It is made at the Pedrali facilities at Mornico al Serio, in the province of Bergamo, embodying the 100% Italian production cherished by the company.
How is it manufactured?
Due to the chair’s shape and geometry, injection molding is particularly complicated and requires a fully automated process.
What makes it special?
It is an extremely lightweight product, both in the material and the technology used to make it, and the breathable texture of the back and seat. It is 100% recyclable.
What is it like?
Revolutionary, sensuous, timeless.
How does the designer describe it?
“In English ‘remind’ literally means to bring to mind. The same concept is rendered in Latin with re-cordis, to bring to heart. In this case mind and heart have contributed equally to the development of Remind: the heart to its creation, the mind to its production.”