Calatea Green is the new sustainable project by Cristina Celestino

A re-edition of the Calatea armchair made in 2017 by Pianca, Calatea Green has been entirely redesigned by Cristina Celestino according to the circular economy criteria, with new materials and a renewed aesthetic. Born from a dialogue between botany and ergonomics, resolved through an enveloping and comfortable volume, the seat represents the synthesis of a formal research that investigates the out-of-scale proportions of primitive and simple elements such as leaves. Each element of Calatea Green has been redesigned to reduce its environmental footprint. Recycled and certified materials were used, such as polyester obtained from the recovery of mineral water bottles in PET plastic, wood from certified forests with controlled harvesting against deforestation and fabric coverings with a guaranteed recycled cotton yarn. For the backrest fabric Cristina Celestino has designed a new graphic, a tribute to her homeland, Friuli, and to the Alder tree, a native arboreal essence of the Julian Alps, whose leaves are characterized by the regular texture of the veins. A plot that was a source of research and inspiration for the designer who then focused on the work of the artist Carla Accardi and in particular on the signs, her rhythmic brushstrokes.

At a glance

What is it?
An armchair made according to the criteria of the circular economy, Calatea Green is conceived for design lovers who are attentive to sustainability issues.
What its design concept?
Calatea Green is a tribute to the planet: an armchair with an organic matrix born from a research that combines botany and ergonomics.
How is it produced?
The padding is made of eco-polyester fiber from the recovery of mineral water bottles in PET plastic: made of 100% virgin polyester, it is completely recyclable and compostable. The shell is in plywood, the legs in solid FSC® certified ash wood. A cotton yarn produced with the Open End system was used for the fabric upholstery.
Where is it manifactured?
It is made entirely in Italy.
What makes it special?
Each element of Calatea Green has been redesigned to reduce the environmental impact of the seat, which is made up of recycled and recyclable materials, safe for the user and for the planet.
How is it?
Sustainable, embracing, evocative.
In the designer’s own words...
“Calatea Green is an armchair designed with the assumption of being able to last over time: to be iconic, but at the same time respectful of the spaces in which it fits; perfectly functional, but also able to trigger emotions and reflections, bringing the beauty of Nature into the interior spaces."