Westside by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform | A refined domestic landscape for all our life scenarios

Free, polymorphic, timeless. “The Westside sofa came about by thinking of an approach to the living area not yet explored by Poliform, ”says Giovanni Anzani, CEO of the brand. “We imagined a space of multiple dimensions, to allow people to do different things without being separated, enjoying company while also having a bit of privacy. We envisioned a place in which a person reading a book, another using an iPad, another drinking a glass of wine or watching TV, could all enjoy the space at the same time.” With the idea of permitting the creation of different situations with a single sofa, Jean-Marie Massaud has developed “a refined domestic landscape, a sophisticated yet simple system that adapts to all our life scenarios, all types and configurations of spaces.”

Westside is a program of essential modules that thanks to the nimble play of combinations presents itself with the classic corner configuration, or as a large, welcoming, deconstructed modular sofa. The elements like the ergonomic chaise longue, the mobile back and the tables enhance its functional quality. The range and versatility of the design make Westside suitable for all contexts: from homes to public areas, as well as hospitality facilities.

The formal and materic identity of the system is based on precise characteristics. Like the seat cushions placed on a slender tulipwood base, the alternation of backs and armrests in fabric, cowhide and metal, the optional headrest and freestanding cushion. The covering comes in a wide range of leathers and fabrics, while two different types of stitching enhance the forms. The built-in table is available in four sizes, in wood, various types of marble, or with a lacquer finish.

At a glance

What is it?
Westside is a sofa designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, offering absolute comfort in any context: from the home to public areas and hospitality facilities.
What is the design concept?
The Westside sofa is based on thinking about a new way of using the living room. The upholstered modules are joined by accessories (from the ergonomic chaise longue to the mobile back and tables) to create different configurations, for residential and contract applications.
How is it made?
The Westside sofa is composed of a wooden structure on which to place the seat, which can be covered in fabric or leather. The slim armrest, the back of the chaise longue and the elements behind the back all have a structure in matte coated aluminium, covered on the inside with cowhide. The headrest and mobile back are also in cowhide. All the back tables are in black elm with optional lacquered drawers. Also available with optional cushions.
How and where is it manufactured?
All Poliform sofas are produced in an exclusive Poliform factory subdivided into various specialized departments (cutting, stitching, covering, etc.).
What’s special?
With respect to other Poliform sofas, Westside stands out for its combinations: it offers many pieces in various sizes in order to fit into any situation, from the largest to the smallest. Anyone can create a configuration, starting from a minimum of two modules, without limits. The modules are juxtaposed, and thanks to their special non-skid feet they can also remain independent, without being fastened to the others.
What’s it like?
Modern, multifunctional, easy to personalize.
What does the designer say?
“A refined domestic landscape. Westside is the lounge system that adapts to all our life scenarios and to any type of spatial configuration. With its elegant complements and intelligent accessories, it embodies the union of elegance, comfort and refinement, for our modern way of life. Westside is an accomplice of life, to enjoy and to love for a long time.”