Vanity Fair XC, anniversary edition designed by Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre with the collaboration of Roberto Lazzeroni

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Vanity Fair presentation, Poltrona Frau proposed a reinterpretation realized by the company’s Style & Design Centre with the collaboration of designer Roberto Lazzeroni. The ‘904 model’, known since 1984 as Vanity Fair, was put into production in 1930. Over the years, the armchair has become one of the recognized icons of Italian design, the emblem of the company. The rounded Art Deco lines, the row of nails covered in leather and riveted by hand on the back and sides, the robustness of the solid wood structure, the beauty of the Pelle Frau leather that completely covers it, the hand-made armrests: every detail of a Vanity Fair tells a story made of experience, passion, taste for things well done. A story that Poltrona Frau has decided to celebrate by proposing the Vanity Fair XC. The company asked the designer Roberto Lazzeroni to revisit Vanity Fair, adapting its proportions to today’s lifestyles The result is a version respectful of the original but even more comfortable and welcoming, with a large seat of 55x63 cm. Vanity Fair XC has a 100x100 cm base and is 97 cm tall. A golden or gunmetal grey finish plaque with the Poltrona Frau® logo is included in the frame on the back.

At a glance

What is it?
The Vanity Fair XC armchair, launched in 2020 by Poltrona Frau, is the revisited version of the iconic Vanity Fair. Originally designed by Renzo Frau, the armchair embodies all those values of timeless elegance, quality materials and handicraft skill that have made the Poltrona Frau brand famous over the years.
What its design concept?
On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Vanity Fair, Poltrona Frau asked the designer Roberto Lazzeroni to rethink this product-symbol: Vanity Fair XC was born.
How is it produced?
The seat, back and armrests have steel biconical springs tied by hand and fixed to jute belts. A row of nails covered in leather add refinement to the back and sides of the armchair. The upholstery can be in Pelle Frau® leather or in fabric.
Where is it manifactured?
Poltrona Frau’s entire production takes place in Tolentino, in the Marche region. Here the Vanity Fair XC is made following different phases, all characterized by a strong craftsmanship resulting from the intelligence of the hands, human skill, tradition and tailoring.
How is it manufactured?
Great importance is given to the choice and processing of the leathers, whose natural characteristics make the product unique. The ability to pair leather with padding is the essential technique to create that softness present on the armrest and called by the craftsmen the ‘Vanity Fair expression wrinkles'. The final structure is marked.
How is it?
Timeless, welcoming, handcrafted.
In the designer’s own words
Through this anniversary edition, Poltrona Frau strongly reaffirms the guiding principle that it has consistently pursued for years: that in the world of furniture and furnishings accessories the real luxury consists in a thoughtful and durable design culture, combined with intransigence in choosing, working and producing only the best.