Geometric weaves, precious textures and sophisticated color combinations for Plot, the new series of modular folding screens designed by GamFratesi exclusively for the Poltrona Frau 2021 collection

A common element in home furnishings until the 1950s, the folding screen or separé has experienced a rediscovery due to its flexibility and practicality, not separated from an aesthetic pleasure and sophisticated elegance. Poltrona Frau with the new Plot collection, designed by GamFratesi, fits fully into the rediscovered attention to versatile, light, easy to match furniture suitable for multi-function spaces. The Plot room dividers best express their double soul made up of conceptual essentiality and material richness. The structure is deliberately minimalist and the symbolic element of the product is the creation of different geometric patterns through the use of woven leather. In the Round panels the braid plays with the shape of the circle while in the Square panels the geometric shape is the square. The intertwined bands are in Pelle Frau SC leather with pre-established color combinations. The possible chromatic mix between the vertical and horizontal bands express the best of the new Poltrona Frau ColorSphere®.
This is how Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau describes the birth of this collection: “In the last year our lives have changed and we have often found ourselves using domestic spaces for activities that we usually did elsewhere. This made us think deeply about living solutions that can improve the home experience. The room divider Plot is the perfect synthesis of a flexible object that can help us easily reshape our domestic spaces, creating privacy, dividing areas and also providing a back-ground for our video calls.”

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of modular folding screen with two, three and four elements able to give a personal and refined touch to the environments in which they are used.
What its design concept?
Plot is an object of great personality and poetic intensity, particularly relevant in its role of home scanning of spaces and functions in this period of suspended time.
How and where is it manufactured?
The Plot screens are made by the Poltrona Frau artisans, who work in the Tolentino headquarters and who manually weave the leather bands on the supporting frame of each module.
What makes it special?
The beauty of Poltrona Frau’s symbolic material is fully expressed in the preciousness of the tex-ture, in the sophisticated color combinations, in the virtuosity of horizontal and vertical intertwining that define more or less dense motifs.