Astra, designed by David Dolcini, is a configurable suspension lamp that harmoniously plays with equilibrium and gravity

Astra, designed by David Dolcini for Porada, is a configurable suspension lamp with multiple light sources. A reinterpretation of the chandelier in solid wood, it is classic and modern at the same time by the combination of the organic crosspiece in canaletto walnut wood and the graphic element of the broken line of the cables from which are suspended opal blown-glass spheres like small stars illuminating the space.

Astra was devised as a system that can combine 2, 4 or 6 light sources coupled on several levels and set at angles of 120° or 180°, respectively using 2 or 3 crosspieces, so adapting to the needs of each project. It consists of spacers in solid canaletto walnut wood with a span of 60 cm through which are threaded the cables, an upper spacer in painted aluminum with a 20 cm distance between centers and opal blown-glass spheres with a diameter of 12 cm. It uses 6W LED light sources with a G9 socket.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of suspension lamps suited to both domestic and contract applications.
What is the design concept?
To create a highly versatile pendant lighting system that immediately conveys the values ​​and identity of the Porada brand.
How is it made?
The frame is in solid canaletto walnut wood and the light bodies are opal blown-glass spheres containing LED sources. The height of the structure in relation to the lighting bodies can be varied by means of cable clamps fitted to both the structure and the metal frame placed between the wooden structure and the ceiling rose.
How is it produced and where?
The wooden frame is made in Italy by Porada. The cables, cable clamps and various small parts of the lamp are CE regulated materials widely used in the lighting industry, while the metal and glass parts are specially made by Italian suppliers.
How is it manufactured?
The solid wood frame, certainly the most complex part of the project and its distinctive feature, consists of three solid wood elements turned on a lathe duplicator then glued and hand-finished by Porada's skilled craftworkers.
What makes it special?
The use of solid wood in a family of suspension lamps with such versatility is certainly the feature that distinguishes it from most products of this type on the market.
What is it like?
Elegant, balanced, dynamic.
In the designer’s own words
“The design is based on the principles of gravity and balance. I wanted to combine in a single suspended object the etherealness of light with the strength of solid wood, the graphic quality of the lines and the sensuousness of its organic forms.”