Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro design Storage, the first modular system that allows space continuity throughout the wardrobe

The main protagonist of the new Porro collection, Storage (design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro) system of wardrobes and walk-in closets is revolutionized from the construction point of view. The traditional 25x45 mm upright is replaced by the new 25x25 mm profile for a more airy feeling of lightness: a technical evolution in the name of visual cleanliness. The new profile offers more internal space and makes it possible to integrate the different types (wardrobe, open wardrobe and walk-in closet), allowing the free alternation of transparent glass compartments, with others partially or completely closed, in a game of full and empty spaces. and architectural spatiality that is different every time. Nordic inspiration for the dressing room with backdrops and equipment in white cherry, a light finish that reproduces the grain of the cherry with more neutral tones and passe-partout. For the metal parts, the cuvée finish is chosen, a refined and precious color that goes well with the white cherry fittings and helps to embellish the composition that alternates closed backs with transparent backs thanks to the use of the glass side. The dark variant is Black Sugi combined with black metal, a matte black-ink surface with marked veins, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban which protected cedar wood by burning it with charcoal. A technological and complex but ultra-flexible system, Storage is produced every time on a design: all Porro systems are produced in the new production plant which has replaced the production of panels in standard sizes with that of just-in-time custom-made panels. Among the effects of the new plant, objectives such as the replacement of forms in favor of compositional freedom, the qualitative increase in the cutting and coating of the panels, the production optimization with the reduction of waste and the elimination of warehouse stocks, according to a lean approach to sustainable growth. Porro completes Storage with the new styling designed by Elisa Ossino Studio, in which every single object is the result of an aesthetic choice, but also of a reflection: the styling clothes for the wardrobes are made by the Alice Social Cooperative which carries out tailoring workshops all over the world. inside the San Vittore prison in Milan for the reintegration of women in difficulty; the wooden objects are created in collaboration with the Contrada degli Artigiani of the Cometa Foundation of Como, a place where master craftsmen, renewing tradition, transmit the value of work, techniques and secrets of the most ancient traditional crafts to children living in social conditions , economic and personal difficult.

Storage by Piero Lissoni+CRS Porro for Porro

At a glance

What is it?
Storage is the first modular system that allows space continuity throughout the wardrobe. Thanks to the three different types of structure, walk-in closet, traditional wardrobe, boiserie that can be integrated with each other, Storage allows you to create storage spaces for the home and contract, open or closed by doors, alternating different materials, transparent or not.
What is its design concept?
The innovation comes from the new concept of the supporting element of the structure. With Storage, the side is no longer a barrier, but becomes the element that allows air continuity inside the wardrobe, while resolving its function as a load-bearing element of the structure and support for the horizontal elements. Inside the wardrobe, the concept of space acquires a new value, mixing different solutions and materials. The uprights and profiles in extruded aluminum, with patented hinges developed internally by the company and produced exclusively, match the technological surfaces available for the interiors. The shelves are available in the finishes of the structure or in eco-leather; the backrests in the finishes of the structure, in fabric and eco-leather. Different types of doors are developed, in the 17 woods of the collection, or in the 28 matt and glossy lacquered colors of the collection, in the technological surfaces, in transparent, smoke or reflex glass and frame in iron painted metal, burnished brass or cuvée; in colored crystal, leather and leather.
How is it made and from what materials?
It is produced and made in Italy by Porro. Highly technological and complex but ultra-flexible system, Storage is produced every time on a design: it is the design design of each order that generates the production process, thanks to a sophisticated design software developed by Porro with over 25,000 that allows with the design of send all the information to the machine and create always different compositions for each customer order in an industrial way.
What makes it special?
The Storage cabinet system has been revolutionized from the construction point of view. The new 25x25mm upright creates an airy feeling that gives more interior space. To increase the feeling of lightness and purity, the height of the base has been reduced to 55mm. The project is renewed by a new impalpable material: light. In the new wireless lighting system, the electric current is transmitted through electrified bars inside the structure and hidden from view. All the technical details are designed by the brand and fully integrated: even all the crystal elements are electrified and the transparent shelves become lighting bodies. The light can be adjusted by choosing between two different temperatures with gradual / soft on and off.
In the designer’s own words
We thought on an architectural scale, not on a product, and we thought: is it possible to put windows that contain inside the house? And here is where Storage was born, the gentleman's wardrobe.