Terrazzo by Nicola Bonriposi for Potocco. The tactile and material charm of a desk with a soft support area and refined detailing

A minimalist silhouette and refined details distinguish the Terrazzo writing desk designed by  Nicola Bonriposi  and presented by  Potocco. The slender structure, consisting of a few elements perfectly calibrated in the proportions, presents a unique tactile and material charm thanks to the thin top covered in leather and finished with visible perimeter seams. The top is further embellished with light soft padding in polyurethane foam which frames the support area, extending its comfort. This solution creates an effect soft to the touch but extremely sturdy, essential to its function as a desk. Its profile – inspired by the characteristic terraced rice paddies of Bali – creates an outsize shoulder useful for supporting books or notes, extending its practical uses and making it an ideal furnishing for the home office. The cylindrical feet and details of the fixtures are finished in burnished brass, while a version with a central removable drawer is available on request. Terrazzo is characterized by the care lavished on every smallest detail, the result of skilled craftsmanship: from the elegant welds to the perfect alignment of the elements of the structure after assembly. In particular, the manual work on the surface is of very high quality, including the seams, the gluing, the perfect smoothing and the tints of the edges.

At a glance

What is it?
A desk with a light and minimalist design, embellished with refined finishes and details.
What is the design concept?
The inspiration for its design grew out of the travels of the designer Nicola Bonriposi. The profile evokes traditional Indonesian terraced rice paddies.
How it is made structurally and from what materials?
Structure in tubular carbon steel. Thin sheet metal top covered with leather. The surface of the top is padded in soft polyurethane foam with an additional layer of leather beneath the exposed faux leather.
How is it produced and where?
The tubular elements are welded in brass and powder coated. Top and shoulder in laser-cut sheet metal with upholstery glued and sewn by hand. The desk is fully produced in the Potocco plant at Manzano (UD).
What skills are involved in its production (industrial processes and/or craftsmanship)?
Although it is a simple and linear product, Terrazzo is characterized by numerous craft and manual processes.
What makes it special?
Visually light and slender, in use the desk is notable for remarkable stability and sturdiness resulting from a careful study of its functionality and comfort.
What is it?
Light, comfortable, refined.
How does the designer describe it?
“When I thought of Terrazzo, I imagined a soft and comfortable surface that could accommodate me for hours on end. With a large writing surface, a functional area and a refined design. Simple and elegant.”