Éther by Constance Guisset: the new Richard Ginori tableware collection created on the Aria form

Ethereal, light, dancing, hazy. That’s why the name Éther was chosen for the decoration of Richard Ginori’s Aria porcelain tableware created by the French designer Constance Guisset. She says: “I created Éther as if I was designing the scenery for a ballet.” An experience that is not new to her, given that Guisset designed the sets for the ballet Winterreise (Winter’s Journey) with choreography by Angelin Preljocaj, which was also staged at La Scala in Milan last winter.

For her, the plate became a canvas to be painted with irregular forms, shades ranging from black to blue, the interweaving of voids and solids, lights and shades evoking a breath of air, light and impalpable.

The seven elements that make up the collection are so versatile that they can be turned upside down, stacked and joined together to create different combinations that meet the needs of modern catering. Made to the new Hyper*P formula, which is impact-resistant while retaining the finest qualities of porcelain, Éther is hand-decorated in the historic Sesto Fiorentino manufactory, like all Richard Ginori collections.

A synthesis of functionality and poetry.

At a glance

What is it?
Éther is the new Richard Ginori tableware collection created on the Aria form. Synonymous with movement and lightness, it is a masterpiece of restrained elegance aimed at those looking for a unique experience on the table and in the plate that is aesthetic, functional and playful.
What is the design concept?
Éther is distinguished by its light and poetic texture. Constance Guisset has worked on irregular forms with voids and solids, using black to give depth to the plate. The collection consists of seven versatile elements that can be turned upside down, stacked or joined together to create different combinations.
How it is made?
Decorated by hand, Éther is made of porcelain, with a new formulation: Hyper*P. Designed in the facility of the Florentine company with a study that lasted over two years, Hyper*P is highly versatile, impact resistant and yet at the same time retains all the valuable properties of porcelain.
How is it produced and where?
Like all Richard Ginori collections, Éther is produced at the Richard Ginori Manufactory at Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), Richard Ginori’s production facility since 1958.
How is it manufactured?
Each step in the development and manufacturing of the products – from the design to the 3D visualization and application – is studied and performed with sartorial care and obsessive attention by the master craftworkers at the Manufactory with their passion, experience and ability to make every single product a work of art.
What makes it special?
Inspired in its name by the collection on which it develops – Aria, Air – the Éther pattern endows the surface of the plate with movement and lightness. Éther is a versatile, practical and multifunctional collection, made up of modular elements that can be used on either side, combined or stacked, in a interplay of combinations that make each dish unique.
What is it like?
Innovative, light and playful.
In the designer’s own words...
“I created Éther for Richard Ginori as if I was designing the scenery for a ballet. Éther is a true set design for the products of the Aria collection. The movement, the patterns, seem to evaporate in an interweaving of shadows and lights that transform the dishes into a canvas on which the chefs can amuse themselves.”