Complexity becomes simple in the Plein Air table designed by Michael Anastassiades

Plein Air is the outdoor dining table, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Roda, with a contemporary style, characterized by bold geometries but with notes of roundness and softness: a product capable of transmitting rigor and, at the same time, lightness, in the combination of shapes, lines, materials and finishes that integrate with the surrounding environment. Plein Air is complexity made simple, in a seamless design, in which the pencil flows without stopping. The frame comes from a line that, starting from the leg of the table, rises to create an angle and then defines a rounded frame, with no visible joints, forming a characteristic drop-shaped detail. The structure, in the Smoke color or in the Milk shade, matches the top consisting of a single stoneware slab available in the two new variants Graphite and Clay to best enhance its airiness. Thanks to the use of aluminum (a material that can be recycled endlessly) and the choice of ceramics made with at least 40% recycled material and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, Plein Air is one of the Roda products that reflect ethics and corporate commitment to sustainable production. Plein Air is made in Italy, 100% outdoor and, even with the passage of time, does not require maintenance since the materials from which it is made do not change and alter over time.

Plein Air by Michael Anastassiades for Roda

At a glance

What is it?
Plein Air is an outdoor dining table, with a contemporary design and strong and minimal geometries, available in four sizes (220x80xh74 cm - 220x100xh74 cm - 280x80x h74 cm 280x100x h74 cm). The clean and essential line makes it a very transversal product, to be combined with seats made with different materials and shapes, both outside the house and in an interior projec
What is your design concept?
The collection follows the "less is better" philosophy: the apparent simplicity of the forms highlights the material to integrate with the surrounding environment. Minimal tables that, with sober refinement, become protagonists and allies of indoor and outdoor domestic spaces.
How it's done?
The frame of the table develops through rational geometric concepts according to which square and round lines come together to create a characteristic drop-shaped detail. The structure is made up of extruded aluminum profiles connected to each other by stainless steel joints: the frame comes from a line that, starting from the leg of the table, rises to create a corner and then defines a rounded frame (without visible joints ) which reveals a clear and defined outline. There are two variants of the stoneware top, in the Clay and Graphite colors, which can be coupled with the structure variants, for a homogeneous tone-on-tone effect or for a game of contrasts: the top rests inside the frame and is made up of a slab unique even in the largest format. It has no leaks or interruptions, in line with the product concept.
How is it produced and where?
Plein Air is the combination of industrial and artisanal processes and is produced in Northern Italy. The extruded bars of the structure are treated with an embossed paint to increase the resistance to the outside and customize the product in the two different finishing colors. The top, water-cut in the desired sizes, is produced in the Italian ceramic district.
How is it manufactured?
To respect the style and attention to detail that distinguish Roda, the production of the Plein Air table also makes use of the company's thirty years of experience in creating furniture with excellent outdoor performance. The precision milling of the profiles and the careful care in welding the internal joints, as well as the accuracy of the pre-assembly, are fundamental steps for the construction of the product.
What make it special??
It is a 100% outdoor product with a high degree of sustainability and no maintenance, thanks to the materials it is made of and the painting techniques. Furthermore, it uses a single stoneware top without the presence of joints even on the largest dimension. Finally, the dedicated extruded profile is able to combine mechanical characteristics with a reduced section, facilitating assembly times.
In the owner words of the designer
Even though Plein Air table is for outdoors if you want to imagine this table also working inside the house there's nothing that defines it as outdoors.