Orson by Gordon Guillaumier: a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic director's chair from which he drew inspiration

Characterized by harmonious, sinuous lines, the iconic outdoor folding seats in the Orson collection, designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Roda, are dressed in a new finish: Batyline structural fabric, which also covers them laterally from the armrests to the base. Introduced to offer an ever wider range of color variations with an even more natural effect, Batyline offers greater potential for customizing your outdoor ambiance with an enlarged color palette and an ergonomic and comfortable support. The collection is available with the new upholstery on three models: director's chair, armchair and stool. Of these, the director's chair has passed the tests for community use and is therefore particularly suitable for the hospitality sector. The series, with a fresh and innovative line, is a complete project that follows the tradition of outdoor furniture to be stored away at the end of the summer. All the pieces can be easily folded to reduce their overall dimensions. Thanks to its skillful woodworking, Orson is the synthesis of chic outdoor decor, perfect for furnishing gardens and terraces.

At a glance

What it is and who it is addressed to?
Orson is a collection of outdoor folding seats.
What is the design concept?
The design concept of the seats provides a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic director's chair, which inspired it.
How it is made structurally and with what materials?
Solid teak structure, embellished with electropolished details in 304 stainless steel, and Batyline support.
How it is produced and where?
All the wooden components (teak) are of Indonesian origin. The assembly and preparation of the textile parts (Batyline) are exclusively done in Italy.
What skills are needed to manufacture it?
The chair requires specific skills in woodworking. The complexity is mainly due to the rounded sections and the presence, in addition to the wood, of stainless steel components. In addition, some details of the packaging, such as concealed hinges, require special care.
What is its innovative content?
A convenient system of closure enables the seat to stand on its own. Batyline fabric allows it to be used without cushions.
What is like?
Fresh, sophisticated, timeless.