Istanti collection by Saib: a surprising color palette and an innovative material rendering for green surfaces

Istanti is a new collection of melamine-faced chipboard panels (RPB, Regenerated Particle Board)  presented by the Piacenza-based company Saib to interpret trends in contemporary design by offering designers decorative finishes with a totally sustainable soul.

 A carefully designed color palette and an innovative material rendering transform the chipboard panels produced with a virtuous industrial process. It starts by recovering wood at the end of its life cycle to regenerate it and turn it into a new value-added product. The highly sensuous surface processing appeals to touch and sight by evoking the most precious species of wood, the textures of refined fabrics, marble and natural stone as well as the appearance of aged metal.

The panels are the outcome of the pioneering Rewood production principle introduced by the company in 1994, a virtuous process of 100% recovery and reuse of wood at the end of its life. They offer a new frontier to furniture manufacturers and interior designers who wish to give high functional, technical and aesthetic quality a greater value by protecting the environment and following the principles of the circular economy.

At a glance

What is it? 
A collection of melamine-faced chipboard panels termed RPB – Regenerated Particle Board with matching edges. Its outstanding aesthetic, technical and mechanical quality makes it an ideal material for architects and designers as well as  furniture manufacturers in developing and producing furnishings, office furniture or kitchens, and internal facings for the contract sector.
What is the design concept?
At the base of the new line of Istanti finishes and decorations is the desire to devise innovative surfaces and aesthetic solutions with an important material and color rendering, with a particular concern for the sustainability of the product.
How is it made structurally and from what materials?
Melamine-lined chipboard panels (also known as RPB, Regenerated Particle Board) consist of a raw  core made from wood at the end of life and fully regenerated, faced with decorative melamine papers pressed with tactile structures
How is it produced and where?
SAIB products originate entirely in its facility at Caorso, near Piacenza, where they are made using the latest technology and in compliance with the fully sustainable Rewood production process (production of panels from recycled wood collected by Italian and European municipal companies). Production is around 2000 m3 per day divided between the unprocessed panels and melamine production lines.  
How is it manufactured?
The fully automated production process uses high-tech systems that are regularly improved through innovation and care for the environment, with investments being made continually by the company. The more purely aesthetic features are developed by the R&D Office, which anticipates and interprets trends in the furniture sector and with its partners develops innovative techniques for improving the material yield.
What makes it special?
The specifics of the project lie in its ability to combine a virtuous and fully sustainable production process like Rewood with continuing research to create tactile and visual aesthetic effects appealing to the feelings. 
What is it like?
Material, contemporary, green.