SapienStone's new Royal Stone collection combines the solidity of stone with a surface that offers all the advantages of porcelain stoneware

The natural finish, chosen for the tops of the Royal Stone Collection, enhances the beauty of the textures, restoring a velvety sensation to the touch. Like all SapienStone tops, Platinum White, Palladium Gray and Black Diamond also offer fundamental advantages in the kitchen such as resistance to shocks and scratches, atmospheric agents and UV rays, durability over time and ease of cleaning, therefore great hygiene.

On a background that recalls the bare essentiality of the stone, veins and crystallizations are inserted, interspersed with lighter clouds that give dynamism to the surfaces. Three textures in the collection: Platinum White, ethereal and refined thanks to the light tones of whites and beiges, Palladium Gray, a minimalist passepartout gray and Black Diamond, decisive and intense, illuminated by golden clouds. A palette made up of nuances that can integrate into any context, domestic or otherwise, both in private kitchens and in restaurants or Bed & Breakfasts where it captures the attention with an elegant minimalism lit by chromatic dynamism. Available in the format: 320x150 cm and in the thickness: 12 mm.

What is it?
Royal Stone Collection is a line of top quality porcelain stoneware kitchen tops.
What is its design concept?
The collection is inspired by the characteristics of sobriety and linearity of the stone, declined in three different shades: Black Diamond, Palladium Gray and Platinum White.
What is it made of?
SapienStone tops are composed of ceramic clays with colors, unalterable over time, which are not affected by the effect of heat, light or the use of any chemical product for cleaning or disinfection.
Where is it produced, and how?
It is produced in the innovative 'combustor system with regenerative heat recovery' of Iris Ceramica Group in Castellarano, Reggio Emilia. The system works specifically on the fumes leaving the oven at temperatures around 900 ° C, ensuring very high efficiencies in terms of abatement of the volatile organic molecules still present in the fumes, including odors. It therefore does not release polluting substances into the atmosphere.
What is its manufacturing process?
Blend of high quality raw materials, which undergo a pressing and subsequent drying process to increase their mechanical strength. Cooking at very high temperatures. Possibility of processing the finished product, such as polishing or waterjet cutting.
What makes it special?
SapienStone tops, in addition to being very aesthetically beautiful, reproduce with extreme fidelity the material they are inspired by such as stone, wood, concrete, marble etc. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, SapienStone is also able to reproduce the vein passing through the thickness.
How is it?
Surprising, innovative, resistant.