Equus by Catherine Braconnier (CatLab): refinement of movement and pure elegance on the surfaces

“My passion for horses has always been at the heart of the creative process.” This is how the Canadian designer, owner of the Cat_lab studio, Catherine Braconier, reveals the origin (and source of inspiration) for Equus, the collection of floor and wall surfaces in porcelain stoneware made by the young company based in Fiorano Modenese, Sartoria, Terratinta Group (founded in 2018).

Presented in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes that allows them to be laid in endless combinations, the three subjects FIELD, HOOF and PAVÉ reproduce the natural colors of horses’ coats, the prints left by their hoofs rendered in the combination of two different finishes (opaque and polished), the wisps of hay set in thin regular grooves in the surface of the material and the singular geometry of the paving laid specially for horses.

This original collection perpetuates the philosophy of an ambitious company, one capable of going beyond the “confines of the classic” in search of greater creative freedom. Underlying it is a solid ceramic craft tradition, combined with the beauty of the imperfections of semi-craft techniques and the innovation of modern technology, enabling it to create products notable for meticulous workmanship and sophisticated stylistic and architectural elegance.

At a glance

What is it?
For use in residential and commercial projects, Equus is an original collection of finishes for walls and floors in porcelain stoneware sculpted and worked in relief. Presented in three types of surface, Field, Hoof and Pavé, developed in different colors and textures, they make it possible to lay them to form endless patterns.
What is the design concept?
Stemming from an equestrian inspiration, the collection combines unusual geometries, accurately three-dimensional surfaces and handcrafted finishes to create a modern style creating a perfect mix of urban innovation and countrified splendor.
How is it made and from what materials?
FIELD, HOOF and PAVÉ are the three different models of porcelain stoneware tiles in the Equus collection, developed in a wide range of colors inspired by the equestrian theme and nature with three-dimensional textures and finishes.
How it is produced and where?
The collection is produced in Italy.
How is it made?
The development of the three subjects has enabled us to experiment with techniques of dry pressing in customized molds to bring out the best of the non-traditional geometric forms, distinctive fissures and grooves that pattern the surfaces of the material. The enameling is done with traditional methods typical of craftsmanship.
What are its innovative contents?
This collection embodies the philosophy of the Emilian brand, strengthened by the ceramic craft tradition. Embracing the imperfections of semi-craft techniques, it combines them with the innovations of modern technology to develop products with a great material and visual impact.
How is is like?
The collection in its three different subjects can be summed up briefly: architectural refinement (FIELD), refined rhythm (HOOF), elegant geometry (PAVÉ).
How does the designer describe it?
The designer Catherine Braconnier, owner of the Canadian CatLab studio, defines the Equus collection as follows: “My passion for horses has always been at the center of the creative process. It is undeniable that this influence inspired the names of each design and the colors. As a Canadian designer, it is truly an honor for me to collaborate internationally with the motivated and ambitious team at Sartoria, open to developing new ideas and going beyond the confines of the classic.”