Finn, designed by Marcello Ziliani, is a chair and armchair with unusual proportions presented in different combinations of materials

Tension and balance, Nordic rigor and Italian “softness”. These are the apparently contrasting elements that designer Marcello Ziliani sought to reconcile in Finn, a series of chairs for Scab Design. Suitable for the contract and residential sector, Finn is a chair and armchair with unusual proportions presented in different combinations of materials. An interplay of contrasts between the sturdy, striking structure, a pure and essential architecture in the lines, and a comfortable, welcoming and enveloping seat. The frame in wood or laser-cut steel tubing, machined and welded with a robotized system, is combined with the elements of the wooden seat covered with high-quality fabrics expertly made by skilled craftsmen.

At a glance

What is it?
Finn is a seating series, chair and armchair, suitable for both contract and residential environments.
What is the design concept?
A project that is the result of an interplay of contrasts between a soft, welcoming and enveloping seat and a supporting structure of considerable dimensions defined in a pure and essential architecture.
How is it made?
The seat consists of a steel or wooden frame combined with a wooden seat, also available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics.
How is it produced and where?
The structural part of the seat is made in the maching department of one of the SCAB Design production facilities in the Brescia area, while the semi-finished products are commissioned from external suppliers to instructions and styling by Scab Design.
How is it manufactured?
The Finn series is the result of industrial and handcrafted processes and made with the most advanced instrumentation, fully robotic systems and entrusted to the expert hands of skilled craftsmen.
What makes it special?
The seat in a version devised for public spaces responds to current problems related to health protection.The coating is made of fabric that is easy to wash and disinfect, resistant to detergents, while ensuring the quality and pleasantness of the material is unaltered.
What is it like?
Sturdy, soft, harmonious
In the designer’s words...
“With the Finn project I wanted to try to reconcile two apparently contrasting factors such as tension and balance in a seating system. The whole is achieved through a language capable of merging the rigor of Nordic elements filtered through a wholly Italian sweetness and softness in an interplay of references and relationships.”