BoxLife by Yorgo Lykouria/Studio Rainlight for Scavolini | Conceal to organize: a single setting can be transformed into another through the coexistence of different functions

BoxLife, developed for Scavolini by Yorgo Lykouria/Studio Rainlight, is a smart interior design system incorporating multiple functions to secure the maximum flexibility in organizing spaces. Lykouria himself, creative director at Rainlight, describes it in these terms: “BoxLife is designed as an increasingly timely response to the need for user friendly interiors capable of adapting to the needs of the attentive consumer.

The system is adaptable to multiple situations – from big lofts to small studio flats – changing and concealing as needed.

It represents the coexistence of each component with others, a space in which to cook, work and sleep. One space for the laundry and cloakroom, another designed to relax in and still others designed for whatever serves to personalize an apartment.” In this Boxi configuration of kitchen and living room, the decorative oak paneling conceals the operating areas. The doors of the bases and wall units are in light grey matt lacquer and combined with the glossy Gres Arabescato of the central island and the backsplashes of the composition. The setting is completed by steel shelving and a light gray glossy glazed living area.

At a glance

What is it?
BoxLife is a complete modular system that incorporates numerous functions to ensure maximum flexibility in organizing spaces. It is aimed at the contract market, but also for people with a high degree of mobility or limited spaces available without wanting to compromise on comfort.
What is the design concept?
The heart of the project lies in the idea of concealing and organizing: a single interior can be transformed into another one through combinations of different functions.
How is it made?
The system provides linear, corner or bay solutions, with everything hinging on the panels. The program, by its variety of openings and paneling systems and wide range of finishes (over 350), achieves extreme compositional variability.
How is it produced and where?
The system is produced by Scavolini at its Montelabbate (PU) plant.
How is it manufactured?
The BoxLife system is made up of several specific components, devised and developed to be interchangeable and integrable with each other, but functionally quite different. The assembly of the components of the BoxLife system is simplified by detailed assembly instructions, specific to each type of component and room.
What makes it special?
Its uniqueness lies in the potential for uniting all the rooms of the house in a single project. Access to the different areas is made possible by packaged retractable, sliding or flap opening systems. They range from cupboards with retractable doors (single or double) in the kitchen to sliding systems for the living space and sleeping quarters, without forgetting the laundry area.
What is it like?
Organized, functional, dynamic.