Schindler 3000 creates a new experience for passengers and designers, thanks to high design content, innovative technology and advanced digital services

Schindler 3000 is the elevator by Schindler Italia characterized by architectural and stylistic flexibility that makes it the ideal solution for residential and commercial buildings. With Schindler 3000, architects can in fact take advantage of more space and design opportunities as all the main technical components of the lift - compact and high-performance - are installed in the shaft. In this way, it is possible to install a more spacious cabin in a standard shaft, with a minimized pit and headroom footprint. Less space for components translates into more usable space for the building and passengers. The designer can make use of Schindler Plan & Design, the online tool designed to support the early stages of elevator design with technical specifications, Dwg drawings and rendering. Each configuration is compatible with Bim standards. The very wide range of aesthetic solutions completes the connotation of extreme versatility of Schindler 3000: for the cabins it ranges from back-painted glass to glossy metal laminate - declined in color variations such as red, orange and plum to reach the more classic gray and white - up to to include more traditional but always functional finishes such as stainless steel. Schindler 3000 also optionally features Port technology that minimizes travel times, guarantees greater passenger traffic management capacity and full safety inside the building through personalized access.

Schindler 3000 by Schindler Italia

At a glance

What is it?
Schindler 3000 is part, together with Schindler 1000 and Schindler 5000, of the latest generation of modular elevators launched by the Swiss group and represents the ideal solution for residential and commercial buildings.
What is its design concept?
A proposal that combines form and functionality. A modular, versatile lift that can be adapted to various types of buildings and with exceptional flexibility in the dimensions of the cabin, doors and shaft. Swiss engineering and the latest technologies ensure a safe and comfortable use experience.
How is it made and from what materials?
Schindler 3000 is made up of almost 80% of its weight from recyclable materials.
How is it manufactured and where?
Schindler 3000 is manufactured in Europe at sites certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.
What makes it special?
Schindler 3000 offers exceptional architectural flexibility: less space for components, more space for passengers. It is virtuous in consumption because it is equipped with a motor with a regenerative inverter that allows energy savings of up to 30% compared to the previous generation Schindler solutions.
How is it?
Elegant, functional, flexible.