Inspired by the 80s, the Klippan sofa and the Poäng armchair return in a new version that tells of a rediscovered sociability, in the name of function and versatility

July 2024 opens with a new – double – release from Ikea, which renews two well-known products, reinterpreted in a contemporary key: the Klippan sofa and the Poäng armchair, two timeless icons that have furnished homes throughout the world for over 40 years world and who, precisely for this reason, wanted to renew themselves.

Modern and fun design, geometric shapes and primary colors remain, as Ikea has always accustomed us. The practices of use are evolving: greater proactivity and comfort devoted to conviviality.

The ability to renew oneself while always remaining oneself

They know how to satisfy the most disparate lifestyles and do so by merging function with comfort, minimal aesthetics and simplicity enjoyment: with a simple but unmistakable DNA, Ikea furnishings and accessories continue to be renewed.

Talking about a newfound sense of sociability, the Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura has brought a breath of fresh air to the two iconic pieces of the IKEA catalogue, while maintaining faith in the essence of the brand and its principles: minimalism and function, aesthetics and comfort.

Klippan and Poäng are renewed, therefore, remaining devoted to that exciting energy, typical of the 80s, which is reflected in a refined but hyper-functional design, now made further contemporary.

The new features of the Poäng armchair

The new face of Poäng varies in one aspect that is minimal in terms of aesthetics, but fundamental in terms of use: the backrest lowers, becoming more hospitable and open to conversation. A design detail that allows those who sit on the armchair to make themselves comfortable and chat, discuss, discuss, without falling into the temptation of dozing off.

Already available in a children's version, the iconic armchair redesigned by Nakamura - the same designer who designed it in the 70s - therefore evolves in a convivial direction: if, before, its design had been designed to lull and relax, today becomes synonymous with sociability.

With a decisive intervention, Nakamura eliminated the headrest and, by slightly lowering the seat, created a more contemporary armchair: the dimensions are contained and the new seat invites active use, while maintaining the well-known characteristics of oscillation and comfort.

Klippan, a sofa for everyone

It is said to be for two, but also two and a half: thanks to its timeless wide backrest, wide armrests and essential lines, it is a sofa that can accommodate even someone more. Added to all these elements are the linings: soft and interchangeable, they have always been highly appreciated by young families who, between the unbridled play of the little ones and unexpected stains, have always chosen comfort to be able to wash them without stress.

Furthermore, the rounded corners and the clear colours, now renewed, have always been pleasing. In fact, the new Klippan returns in the bright primary tones of red, blue and yellow, completed by the new linings packaged in comfortable fabric bags, easy to transport.

Synonymous with democratic design, which knows how to satisfy the most disparate lifestyles, Klippan embodies Ikea values ​​very well, which with icons and newcomers always knows how to satisfy needs of all.