SLX Pure, a kitchen that reinterprets the model without handles in a contemporary style

SieMatic has made the production of handle-less kitchens its trademark. A certificate of recognition that is renewed with its latest creation: SieMatic SLX Pure. Aesthetically, the kitchen is defined by the recessed groove that runs all around its perimeter, totally redesigned compared to the previous models up to the current, very reduced proportions: just 6.5 mm thick. A refined design lightness amplified by the top that seems to float, as well as by the glass cabinets hooked to the upper wall, which give the impression of being suspended in the air. The kitchen and living area are linked by a series of elements such as doors, transparent side walls and glass shelves that can be placed at different heights, but also by the thin frames available in matt black aluminum, golden bronze or stainless steel. Another distinctive feature of SLX Pure are the LED light strips integrated in the handle groove; they can be applied both horizontally in the bases and vertically in the columns and, thanks also to the possibility of separately regulating the temperature of the light and brightness, they are able to give the surfaces a peculiar three-dimensionality. Internal equipment systems can be in wood or aluminum.

At a glance

What is it?
A kitchen that reinterprets the model without handles in a contemporary style, capable of bringing the kitchen and living area together.
What is its design concept?
The reduced proportions, which stand out in particular in the suspended worktop, in the completely redesigned groove that runs around the kitchen and in the thin 6.5 mm thick profiles.
How is it made?
The main materials for the showcase furniture are tinted glass, frames in matt black anodized aluminum, golden bronze or steel color; for the rear walls, backs are available in wood with veneer with inlaid herringbone pattern, in mirror material or in the veneers and lacquers of the program; the doors are available in matt laminate, matt and glossy SimiLaque, matt and glossy lacquer and in various types of woods; the grooves can be in lacquered stainless steel, in all the colors of the SieMatic lacquers or in the three metal shades indicated above.
Where is it made?
Production takes place at SieMatic's factory in Loehne, Germany.
How is it manufactured?
Targeted industrial processes carried out with special machinery are combined with craftsmanship for some components, such as suspended pull-outs.
Why is it special?
The throat is redesigned and made with a strip with a peculiar structure that makes the grip very pleasant; integrated led lighting.
How is it?
Light, well lit, transparent