Capable of satisfying needs for space and comfort, the new modular and customizable sofa by Felis speaks for itself right from its name: Limitless

A double domestic heart, aimed at welcoming as well as family relaxation, the living space is par excellence the environment in which the criteria of freedom and comfort reign supreme. Guidelines from which to start to identify the very personal way of living and the choice of furnishings with which to compose one's favorite living room: both concepts from which Gianluca Marcon was inspired to design the new sofa Limitless by Felis.

Because comfort knows no limits, nor preconceptions: therefore space for freedom with a customizable sofa, in volumes and style. This is precisely what Limitless wants to offer, the modular sofa with soft and contemporary lines, light in volumes and discreet in its structural details.

All aspects that give it personality and character, so much so that it adapts perfectly to a free standing location, in the center of the room.

The Limitless sofa is liked as it is

The Limitless sofa by Felis, in addition to being modular, was designed to undermine the classic concept of the traditional sofa: therefore, no longer a large and continuous padded in which to feel forced and compressed, but multiple modules to be positioned as desired and placed side by side according to the need for space and comfort.

The numerous customization possibilities allow you to compose the sofa tailor-made for each living room: double chaise longue with an extra-large depth effect, seats with backrests flanked by intermediate poufs or, again, lateral modules; but also the addition of headrests to maximize relaxation.

In the name of dynamic and hyper-contemporary compositions

The style and aesthetics of the sofa can also vary according to personal taste, aspects to which Felis has always paid particular attention by offering functional upholstered products. strong>, technologically advanced but also pleasant and satisfying to the eye.

The Limitless sofa is in fact available in different variants, which are also completely customizable depending on the stylistic congeniality of those who choose it: it is possible to choose from the over 750 fabric variants proposed from Felis, combining up to three fabrics to dress the backrest, body and ribbon.

Design and technology at the service of comfort

Also from a structural point of view, the Limitless sofa by Felis presents itself as an excellent piece of furniture, in particular the platform is hidden from view, to give lightness to the soft and generous, almost suspended volumes and the feet placed at the base are ultra-thin, discreetly elegant.