With the new Solar homeware collection, DoubleJ invites you to savor every moment of happiness and introspection, drawing inspiration from the energy of the planet's great bright star

With an installation conceived and created by the artist Max Siedentopf, DoubleJ presented the new Solar home collection, a tribute tovital light of the sun.

Composed of a total of 36 pieces including porcelain with gold details, hand-blown glass from Murano and fabrics printed in Como, Solar tells the story of the two supporting souls of the bright star, namely the more joyous and energetic one and the more reflective one which invites introspection and deepening of the self, also known as Divine Masculin.

And in fact, bringing joy, positive energy and establishing a dialogue with the spiritual and creative dimension of the community through fabrics and furnishing elements has been for DoubleJ since 2015 , a daily mission.

An approach that can be recognized in the celebration of relaxed luxury, which finds in Italianness an identifying pattern between vitamin colors and joyful motifs.

Features that can be fully recognized in the new Solar collection, the most complete line of household items produced by the brand to date.

On the occasion of the presentation of this new collection, DoubleJ also paid homage to the history of the brand, which in the fascinating setting of Palazzo Belgioioso, during the FuoriSalone 2024, told about itself with a great retrospective : to dress the walls of the internal spaces, an installation created with current and cult pieces from the brand's home universe.

Among them the Solar obviously stood out, characterized by an enveloping palette of warm terracotta, egg yellow and deep indigo and a wider range of serving trays than usual, precisely in the name of the desire to share between the loved ones, in moments of celebration and connection.

To complete the creative show of La DoubleJ, also the imaginative vision of Max Siedentopf, artist, director and creative director who gave life to 'Dancing Plates strong>', a mechanized installation to enhance the brand's home collection.

Inspired by Eames's revolutionary Solar Do Nothing machine from 1957 - one of the first devices to convert solar energy in electricity - Max's Dancing Plates installation uses 16 machines that rotate in sync on which over 50 pieces from the new Solar Collection are balanced.

The rotating shapes used in the original artwork are recalled here in a joyful, swirling ode that harks back to the iconic Italian passion that brings loved ones together around a table.