Iron Sistemi proposes a new way for the outdoor living with the Spatium Piscine collection of above ground pools

The production universe of Iron Sistemi takes the form of a versatile and innovative project that applies the technical-industrial language to modern design with balance. The design and functionality skills that have always been the hallmarks of the company, guardian of a high industrial know-how, have created the conditions to propose itself to the international market with a collection of above ground pools with very high technological and aesthetic innovation, signed Spatium Piscine. The piece of furniture is charged with expressive power thanks to the interaction with the surrounding environment, aiming at well-being, comfort and sustainability without giving up aesthetics. The high quality, the modularity in width and depth and the wide range of finishes in which the entire line is proposed, makes it a perfect realization within different contexts and destinations of use, from living spaces to contract projects (residences, hotels, spa, wellness). The design of modular solutions for every need leaves maximum freedom of choice, from aesthetics to materials, up to the type of installation since no construction works are required for anchoring to the ground. The Spatium Piscine pools are made in galvanized structural steel with a high degree of corrosion protection which guarantees the CE certification to the product. On request, it is possible to customize the covering in all the finishes of the RAL color chart. The external coating in galvanized steel to be painted (by the customer) or plasticized on both sides, is composed of a 2 mm thick sheet with external panels divided into 900 mm modules. The pools are also completely removable and therefore can perfectly be disassembled in a short time after emptying. Assembly is facilitated by the special notches on the buttresses and joints on the external covering panel.

Recta by Iron Sistemi for Spatium Piscine

At a glance

What is it?
Recta is the first modular above ground pool, built with high quality standards and completely customizable.
What its design concept?
The company uses an innovative construction technique that uses selected and guaranteed materials for each project.
How is it produced?
The entire line is made of galvanized steel structural material with a high degree of anti-corrosion protection with the standard external coating that requires the use of PVC 200 MICRON (µ) material. The pools consist of a heat-sealed inside reinforced PVC membrane and externally finished with a biplastified steel coating.
How and where is it manifactured?
Spatium Piscine pools are produced by Iron Sistemi, a company with CE certified quality system. State-of-the-art technology, design and highly sophisticated manufacturing processes represent the most complete and versatile synthesis of guarantee and quality completely made in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
The design skills and quality tests, which have been the hallmarks of the company for 30 years, have created the conditions for the development and engineering of a multifunctional, innovative and aesthetically pleasing product.
What makes it special?
This collection of above ground pools combines endless customization possibilities and does not require any building interventions.
How is it?
Exclusive, complicit, modular
In the designer’s own words...
Born as a personal challenge, today Recta is one of our highlights of the Spatium Piscine collection of above ground pools, able to position itself as a new product on the international markets, responding to every request in terms of style, design and innovation.