Designed by gumdesign, Constructive is a collection of wallpaper in which altered images are combined defined by aggregations of signs and fragments emerging from memories. A reworking in our brain circuits

The images proposed by gumdesign in the Styl’editions catalog are numerous and all fall under the Costruttiva macro collection. Among these "Rinascimento", a photographic shot of a Renaissance work of art that describes a floral still life, a romantic and time-layered detail taken from a canvas rich in enamel and color, which acts as a backdrop to a domestic space, amidst worn plaster and ZigZag and Verticali vases by La Casa di Pietra. And then "Meditativo", a representation that impresses with its sign strength and that requires a mystical place, as if it were the entrance to a meditative area, aimed at a place of purification described, inside, by the presence of the washbasin Borghi of antoniolupi. The wallpaper collection was created with the intention of offering a solution that can be adapted to any personal and professional need; any photographic and artistic image can be reworked thanks to an algorithm that allows an altered reconstruction in the sign, without losing the original trace. A reinterpretation that comes from an image provided by the customer developed by the Styl'editions offices to provide a unique identity to the final environment. All Styl'editions wallpapers are made to measure to adapt to the size of the surface to be covered. According to the needs of the project, two types of supports are available: S-Vinyl (Tnt Vinyl, roll width: 50cm, roll height: customized) for any living, working or receptive space; S-Fiberglass (Fiberglass, roll width: 95cm, roll height: customized) for wet rooms, bathrooms, shower interiors and commercial spaces.

At a glance

What is it?
A wallpaper declined in two types of supports intended for the decorative coating of dry and humid surfaces; offers to individuals and entrepreneurs who deal with accommodation, catering, wellness centers, shops, etc. the possibility of decorating environments following different technical needs.
What is the design concept?
Bringing the strength of color by drawing inspiration from the visual world that surrounds us: every artistic, photographic, drawn representation can be reinterpreted thanks to an algorithm from our corporate offices.
How is it made and from what materials?
The wallpapers, inks and printing methods used by Styl'Editions are ecological and eco-sustainable, able to guarantee functionality, hygiene and ease of handling. Two paper supports are proposed: S-Vinyl and S-Fiberglass.
How is it produced and where?
The wallpaper is produced entirely within the company using LED digital printing technology and other state-of-the-art equipment that allow a unique and very high resolution surface processing.
How is it manufactured?
Advanced digital technologies, an artisan laboratory, flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity, high-definition digital printing with detailed image control: these are the ingredients that allow Styl'editions to field unique products.
What makes it special?
The design language highlights a graphic design illustrated according to rigid and compositional rules, nothing is left to chance and spontaneous sign; a digital algorithm allows the reworking of the sign and can be managed in detail.
How is it?
Fragmented, imaginary, abstract.
In the designer’s own words
They are altered images, defined by the aggregation of signs, fragments that emerged from memories that come together; authentic memories intertwined with suggestions and emotions that encode new fragmented images. A reworking in our brain circuits.