Istinti by Gumdesign for Styl'Editions. The subtle color variations of the animal world in a collection of wallpapers for the home

Istinti is a collection inspired by the communicative power of color. Gumdesign, who styled it for Styl’Editions, started by observing the importance of colors in the animal world.

“Color variations,” they say at the studio, “enable animals to blend into their natural setting, while at other times, like the period of courtship, many birds take on more striking hues. Precise signals become the vehicles of communication. In nature we observe an incredible and necessary array of colors used for communicating, alarming a predator or approaching other creatures of their own kind. In this project we gave an illustrated interpretation of the history of the animal world in relation to color, working with patterns studied in detail and the layering of colors and black and white.”  

For the production, three basic types were selected for use in different kinds of interiors. One is S-Vinyl , a vinyl paper with a light, soft and delicate textured fabric effect that enhances the tactility of the design. Then there is S-Acoustic, a sound-absorbing paper, produced with specific properties that improve acoustic comfort by absorbing noises from outside and isolating those coming from indoors. And finally there is S-Fiberglass, a fiberglass paper with waterproof technical features ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms. The animal subjects represented in the Istinti collection are Bear, Panda, Puma, Monkey and Tiger.

What is it?
Wallpaper interpreted in 3 types of paper, enabling the market to decorate and embellish interiors with different kinds of technical requirements.
What is the design concept?
Bringing the power of color into the home, drawing inspiration from the animal world.
How is it made?
The wallpapers, inks and printing methods used by Styl'Editions are completely ecological and eco-sustainable, ensuring they are functional, hygienic and very practical to apply.
How is it produced and where?
The wallpaper is produced completely in-house using digital LED printing technology and other latest generation equipment.
How is it manufactured?
Technology, craftsmanship, flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity; high definition digital printing with numerical control.
What makes it special?
The vocabulary features a graphic design illustrated in accordance with rigid compositional rules. Nothing is left to chance or spontaneous handling. The overlapping of two graphic levels (color and black and white) also makes for 3D relief printing which impresses its character on the final product.
What is it like?
Instinctive, emotional, impulsive.